The City of Bakersfield: To Support Community Gardens on City owned Vacant Lots
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The City of Bakersfield: To Support Community Gardens on City owned Vacant Lots

    1. Amber Beeson
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      Amber Beeson

      Bakersfield, CA

Bakersfield is the 9th largest city in California, with nearly 400,000 residents and growing. Bakersfield with its strong roots in agriculture and oil industries is considered to have some of the most economically independent resources in America. Given the local natural resources and government ,Bakersfield and Kern County stand to become the leader in Sustainable Community Development by designing the most successful replicable model for environmentally and economically, sustainable, healthy living in America. Bakersfield currently ranks highest in some of the most negative demographics in America including; Obesity, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Cancer, Air Pollution, Crime, Poverty, Illiteracy, Teen Pregnancy, Drug Use and Hunger. The common factor linked to the majority of negative demographics is Food Insecurity and Poverty.   Bakersfield despite its many Social, Environmental and Economic challenges, is the most likely to succeed in creating a replaceable model for future Sustainable Communities. Bakersfield with the utilization of strong local resources and involved government planning, has the potential of become the leader in Healthy Living, Environmental Stewardship and Economic Development in America. New California Law promotes Urban Farming and Gardening, by lowering property taxes. This gives Bakersfield an additional incentive to teach it’s Community members how to “Grow their Own” Community. Small Urban Farms and Gardens are the most Sustainable Solution to most of Bakersfield’s many demographic challenges. Even with our rich agricultural advantages, Kern County is considered one of the Hungriest Counties in America.  5 of the 10 food deserts in Kern County are located within Bakersfield city limits. In November of 2013 Food Stamps (S.N.A.P.) will be cut by $40 BILLION To end Food Insecurity, we must promote local fresh food education, access and distribution by Encouraging Communities to “Grow Their Own” through Urban Farming and Community Gardening.     Please Sign the Petition to encourage the City of Bakersfield to Support Community Gardens on City Vacant Lots.

Alan Tandy, Bakersfield City Manager
This petition was created to serve as a voice for the Community of Bakersfield and we hope that you will consider the benefits of Supporting Community Gardens on City owned Vacant Lots.

Thank you!

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    • Aneta Adams BAKERSFIELD, CA
      • 6 months ago

      Fresh vegetables and fruit are the best for our health, and I support anything that will give more people better access to them.

    • David Patterson SANTA MARIA, CA
      • 7 months ago

      Reduce hunger, encourage community participation in sustainable development and empower citizens to be more involved in the process of governing themselves.

    • Marjorie Bell BAKERSFIELD, CA
      • 7 months ago

      Hunger is a major problem in Kern County; at the same time all of us are divorced from basic knowledge of how to grow food to eat. Neighborhood gardens are great places for teaching children (and adults) of all ages how to exist independently of supermarkets and burger joints. Gardens can produce healthier kids, too.

    • Catherine Romley BAKERSFIELD, CA, CA
      • 7 months ago

      My community is important to me. I want to see our slogan actually mean what is says.

    • Doug Georgeson BAKERSFIELD, CA
      • 8 months ago

      Community Gardens in any neighborhood give residents and the community at large, projects a real sense of healthy living.


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