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Release Deblina Chakraborty, a committed social activist entrapped in UAPA
  • Petitioned The Chairperson of National Human Rights Commission

This petition was delivered to:

The Chairperson of National Human Rights Commission

Release Deblina Chakraborty, a committed social activist entrapped in UAPA

    1. Rajesh Datta
    2. Petition by

      Rajesh Datta

      Chandannagar, West Bengal, India

We are deeply concerned about the dreadful incidents of barbarous atrocities by the West Bengal government upon the peaceful democratic protest movements of various mass organisations, civil rights groups and individuals opposing the forcible eviction of Nonadanga slum-dwellers in the name of ‘development’ and ‘beautification’ of Kolkata followed by malicious arrests of the social activists and common people and their continued detention and a heinous attempt to impose the draconian act UAPA on Deblina Chakraborty, a committed social activist and people’s leader, implicating her in cooked-up charges. Her associate Abhijnan Sarkar — a research scholar of Jadavpur University and Chief Editor of the magazine 'Towards a New Dawn', had also been entangled in two additional forged cases of ‘sedition’ and he was also in incarceration and on 19 July, 2012 Abhijnan finally got bail after 101 days of imprisonment accused with fabricated charges. 

On 8th April 2012, a huge contingent of police arrested 69 demonstrators from the Ruby Hospital crossing of EM Bypass of East Kolkata when they had been protesting against the violent demolition of the Nonadanga slums and forcible eviction of hundreds of populace of that colony on March 30th. All those protesters illegitimately apprehended including women and kids were put in the central lock-Up of the Kolkata police headquarter at Lalbazar for nine hours and cases under section 151 CrPc were slapped on them. In late evening, all the captives were released on PR bond except seven civil rights activists. Those activists kept in confinement were Deblina Chakraborty, Debjani Ghosh, Abhijnan Sarkar, Prof. (Dr.) Partho Sarathi Ray, Dr. Siddhartha Gupta, Samik Chakraborty and Manas Chatterjee. They were produced in the ACJM court of Alipore next day (9 April) and all of them were remanded to police custody till 12th April. They had falsely been charged with a number of stringent non-bailable criminal cases made-up by the police under Sections 141 (unlawful assembly), 143 (punishment for unlawful assembly), 148 (rioting armed with deadly weapon), 149 (offence committed in prosecution of common objective of disruption), 332 (voluntarily causing hurt to deter public servant from his duty), 353 (assault or criminal force on public servant) of Indian Penal Code.

On 12th April, Deblina and all other detainees were sent to jail custody till 26th April after being produced in the court. Surprisingly, in the evening when the defense lawyers had left or were about to leave, the CID put up papers in a secretive manner for the police remand of Deblina Chakraborty in three additional cases—two of which are old cases related to “sedition and waging a war against the state” and allegedly connected with incidents that supposedly took place in Nandigram and Bishnupur during the tenure of the former Left Front government. Furthermore, she was tagged in an old murder case under UAPA. The magistrate granted the plea without listening to the response from the side of lawyers who stood by the accused. Deblina was taken to Bhabani Bhawan for interrogation and she will be remanded to CID custody till 21st April. The other six captives were sent to Alipore Central Jail.

Deblina was a student of the International Relations Department of Jadavpur University. She left her studies to carry on democratic movements and stood by the side of the people. She was devotedly associated with the Singur Anti-land grab movement that had prepared the ground for Mamata Banerjee to come to power. When the people of Nanigram raised their voices against the formation of SEZs and Chemical hubs under the notorious Salem industrial group, she went there and took part in the people’s heroic struggle launched by the Bhumi Uchchhed Pratirodh Committee (BUPC) against displacement from their land and habitats and was also instrumental in forming the ‘Matangini Mahila Samity’ (MMS). The MMS was a women’s forum that drew its name from the name of Matangini Hazra (the great heroine of the Quit India Movement and was shot down by the British armed forces). It fought against patriarchy, against consumption of liquor, against CPI(M) ruffians (harmads), and was associated with the day-to-day struggles against all onslaughts carried out by the gang of Lakshman Seth-Binoy Konar-Sushanta Ghosh-Ashok Pattanayak-Tapan-Sukur-Naba Samanta during the previous regime. In this land struggle, the TMC, Congress, CPI, SUCI and other political forces also played their part within the BUPC.

The police under the previous Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee-led left-front regime issued threats to arrest Deblina under the UAPA, but protests from different quarters as also hunger strikes started by her and other activists at College Square thwarted such attempts. The new government under Mamata Banerjee — indubitably more brutal and vindictive-- picked up the torn shoes left by her predecessor and completed the process by booking her under this draconian act.

After coming to power, Mamata Banerjee turned her heat against the ongoing peoples’ movements and initiated a slander and intimidation campaign by denouncing the ‘Matangini Mahila Samity’ as a ‘satanic brigade’ to gag democratic dissent and protest menacingly and the police as usual condemned Deblina as a ‘Maoist’ who could be detained, tortured, humiliated and made a prisoner at will.

Deblina had been with the people’s movement for quite some years, functioning openly and participating in various mass movements that took place from time to time. She was never arrested earlier. Now she has been picked up during her participation in the Nonadanga anti-displacement movement and tagged in that earlier case for which charge-sheets had already been submitted.

Deblina is a dedicated social activist who always fights for justice to the best of her ability and stands by the side of the oppressed people in their struggles for rights and dignity. Such a person has now been entrapped under the UAPA in a most conspiringly and cowardly manner. We are quite apprehensive that the intelligence officials would subject Deblina to brutal mental and physical torture in police custody and send her to prison to languish there for as many years as possible. Should we allow such injustice to be done by this vindictive and cruel chief minister of West Bengal? Deblina started a hunger strike to protest against the unjust incarceration and slapping of UAPA on her.

At this juncture, we appeal to all justice-loving and freedom-loving people of the country to condemn and raise their voices of protest against the despotic police action subverting the law and illegitimate arrests of all the social activists and a heinous attempt to impose the draconian act UAPA on Deblina Chakraborty on cooked-up charges.

On 17th April, we started this online signature campaign demanding the immediate and unconditional release of Deblina Chakraborty and other six arrestees who were fighting in support of the poor dispossessed people’s struggle at Nonadanga for their proper rehabilitation.

Later on, all seven activists were released on bail after a huge uproar over their arrests, except Deblina Chakraborty and Abhijnan Sarkar even if they had also been granted bail in Tiljala PS case (case no. 103 dated 4 April 2012). Deplorably these two social activists were languishing in Haldia Sub Jail as the CID tagged them with some additional old cases allegedly related to “sedition and waging war against the state” including a two-year-old murder case under the draconian UAPA against Deblina.

Meanwhile, on 28th April, the police and KMDA again unleashed a fresh violence on the dispossessed slum dwellers of Nonadanga. 5 women and 6 male evictees of Nonadanga were arrested and a host of stern sections of the Indian Penal Code, three of which are non-bailable, along with an act that pertains to the destruction of public property had been foisted on them, while they were resisting evil attempts by the KMDA to construct a fenced enclosure around the grabbed land. Earlier, the police detained 14 persons including 7 women and a one-year-old baby. Late in the evening two women with the child were released, except eleven slum dwellers, who were booked for illegal assembly, rioting armed with deadly weapon, assaulting police and damaging public property. According to media reports, the arrested persons were badly treated in the police lockup. They were not given food in the lock-up and four of them fell ailing.

The arrestees were: 1) Pratima Baidya, 2) Minati Sardar 3) Saraswati Dasi 4) Ranjita Baidya 5) Pratima Beiz 6) Bapi Mondal 7) Manindra Mondal 8) Purna Mondal 9) Ujjwal Saha 10) Sona Bar and 11) Rabin Haldar. They had falsely been charged under sections 147 (punishment for rioting), 148 (rioting, armed with deadly weapon), 149 (unlawful assembly), 186 (obstructing public servant in discharge of public functions), 323 (punishment for voluntarily causing hurt), 325 (punishment for voluntarily causing grievous hurt), 332 (voluntarily causing hurt to deter public servant from his duty), 333 (voluntarily causing grievous hurt to deter public servant from his duty) and 353 (assault or criminal force to deter public servant from discharge of his duty) of Indian Penal Code (IPC) and three PDPP (Prevention of Damage to Public Property) Act, in Tiljala PS Case No.133 dated 28.4.2012.

On 29th April afternoon, after production before the ACJM court of Alipore, they were remanded to police custody for 5 days. During hearing, defense counsel Tamal Mukherjee pleaded that no injury report had been produced. He argued, "Then how did the cops claim that they were assaulted by the slum dwellers". (Ref: Times of India, dated 30 April 2012)

However, on 3rd May, in a judgment at Alipore ACJM Court, those eleven captives were released on bail of Rs. 5,000 per head. During the hearing, public prosecutor Tapan saha strongly opposed the bail petition claiming that the arrested activists have close connections with the 'Maoists' who have been inciting the slum dwellers at Nonadanga to resistance. He also alleged that the arrested protesters had stacked arms and ammunitions at Nonadanga for an insurgency against the state. But the additional chief judicial magistrate Fatikchandra Mondal overruled the state counsel’s objection and refuting such an absurd allegation against the poor slum dwellers, the magistrate asked him, “Is the police seeing Ghosts of the Maoists in all circumstances?” (Ref: Anandabazar Patrika, 4 May, 2012)

On 20 June 2012, about 200 residents of Nonadanga started a peaceful roadside demonstration in the Esplanade area of Kolkata demanding proper rehabilitation for the evicted slum-dwellers. Police carried out a massive lathicharge on the ‘dharna’ and several persons were injured and had to be admitted to MedicalCollege for treatment. While negotiations were going on about when the concerned minister could give an appointment to hear about the grievances, police started picking up certain selected activists at around 8 pm and then brutally lathicharged to disperse the rest. 

33 protestors were arrested including Amitabha Bhattacharya (the Chairman of the Uchchhed Pratirodh Committee) and Samik Chakraborty, who was arrested earlier with Deblina and others. On 21st of June the detainees were produced at the court of the Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, Kolkata, where they were charged under various sections of the Indian Penal Code pertaining to violation of public order. However, during the hearing, the government lawyer made the oral argument that the detainees had amassed a lot of arms and were preparing for an armed rebellion. The trumped up charges relating to amassing of arms and ammunition were leveled against them in order to convince the court that they were actually very dangerous people and the success of this argument was apparent in the detainees being remanded to police custody till 30 June. Later on, all anti-eviction activists were released on bail.

In the latest developments, on 19 July, 2012, Abhijnan Sarkar finally got bail after 101 days of imprisonment accused with forged cases. Police could not produce iota of evidence and any chargesheet against Abhijnan.

We welcome the granting of bail, albeit in a staggered manner, to Abhijnan and other activists of Nonadanga movement, but Deblina Chakraborty continue behind bars and the concocted cases slapped against Deblina and all other activists are still in place. Therefore, we will continue our online petition campaign with our demand of the unconditional and immediate release of Deblina and the speedy acquittal of all the activists.

Please demand in the strongest possible terms the immediate and unconditional release of Deblina Chakraborty with annulment of all the outlandish set of charges fabricated against all protestors and mass activists for raising their voices of protest against slum demolition and forceful eviction at Nonadanga seeking their suitable rehabilitation.

Please go through the petition and sign, and circulate it among your friends and colleagues as widely as possible.







Please refer to the following set of news reports of the ‘Times of India’, ‘The Indian Express’, ‘The Statesman’ and 'The Hindu' for a chronology of the incidents.

1) Child spends 9 hours in police lockup, Times of India, 9 April, 2012


2) Nonadanga: 7 in police custody, The Indian Express, 10 April, 2012


3) CID appeals for custodial interrogation of Debolina Chakraborty, Times of India, 13 April, 2012


4) Rights activist with ‘Maoist links’ in CID custody till April 21, The Indian Express, 13 April, 2012


5) Debolina starts hunger strike in jail, Times of India, 14 April, 2012


6) Scientist gets bail after Mamata govt faces public ire, Times of India, 17 April, 2012


7) Debolina sent to jail custody, Times of India, 22April, 2012


8) Court remands Debolina in jail custody till May 5, The Indian Express, 21 April, 2012


9) Four Nonadanga activists granted bail, The Times of India, April 24, 2012


10) Debolina gets 12 days' judicial custody, The Times of India, 26 April, 2012


11) Nonadanga activists given bail, The Statesman, 26 April, 2012

12) 14 Nonadanga dwellers arrested, Times of India, 29 April, 2012


13) Fresh trouble in Nonadanga, cops lathicharge slum-dwellers; The Indian Express, 29 April, 2012


14) 11 Nonadanga agitators sent to police custody, Times of India, April 30, 2012


15) Nonadanga clash: Bail @ Rs 5,000, The Statesman, 3 May 2012


16) Binayak Sen decries eviction of Nonadanga slum dwellers, The Hindu, 4 May 2012


17) CId wants to book Debolina under UAPA, The Asian Agem 15 July 2012

Please watch a video of ‘Star Ananda’ TV channel showing the police violence on the slum dwellers while they tried to resist heinous attempts by the KMDA to create a walled enclosure around their land:


For detailed coverage and chronological reports on Nonadanga Anti-eviction struggle please visit the following website of ‘Sanhati Collective’ http://sanhati.com/articles/4853/ 

Recent signatures


    1. Reached 500 signatures
    2. CId wants to book Debolina under UAPA, The Asian Age, 15 July 2012

      Rajesh Datta
      Petition Organizer

      The criminal investigation department (CID) has appealed to the state government to book the arrested leader of Matangini Mahila Samity, Debalina Chakraborty under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act for her “links” link with the Maoists. According to sources, the CID has obtained clinching evidence against her. Debolina’s handwriting specimen has almost matched with the content of the letter she had allegedly written to Maoist leader Madhusudan Mondal.
      Sources further revealed that the CID’s plea is now under the consideration of the home department. Debalina, who was arrested in connection with the agitation against the eviction of slum-dwellers at Nonadanga is lodged in jail custody at present. Several activists who were arrested along with Debolina were, however, released.

    3. Delhi: A joint protest against evictions & state repression on 6 July, 2012

      Rajesh Datta
      Petition Organizer

      A number of mass and democratic rights organisations of Delhi participated in a protest demonstration in Jantar Mantar, New Delhi against unleashing of continued state repression and TMC-terror on the militant resistance of the Nonadanga residents in Kolkata spiritedly fighting against forceful eviction and displacement and for the cost of their reproduction. The protest conveyed its solidarity with the people of Nonadanga resolutely and collectively struggling under the leadership of Uchhed Pratirodh Committee and demanded the immediate and unconditional release of the 35 residents and activists involved in the struggle who were arrested after a brutal lathi-charge on peaceful demonstrators on 20 June 2012. A strong protest was registered against the arrests and repressive measures against activists at various points, including the demand for the release of Debalina Chakrabarti and Abhignan Sarkar–who have been incarcerated since April. Please click the following link to read a report

    4. Convention against Nonadanga evictions on 10 July 2012

      Rajesh Datta
      Petition Organizer

      A protest convention against Nonadanga evictions organized by Uchchhed Pratirodh Committee (Eviction Resistance Committee) on 10th July, 2012. Tuesday, 4.00 pm. at Students Hall (near College Square) of Kolkata.

    5. 25 June 2012 : APDR Statement on the Nonadanga case

      Rajesh Datta
      Petition Organizer

      Please click the following link to read the statement from APDR

    6. 23 June 2012 : Sanhati statement on the recent events

      Rajesh Datta
      Petition Organizer

      Please click the following link to read the statement from 'Sanhati'

    7. Statement from activists and intellectuals against lathicharge and arrests

      Rajesh Datta
      Petition Organizer

      Please click the following link to read the statement from activists and intellectuals issued on 21 June 2012.

    8. June 20 : Police attack and arrest demonstrators during dharna

      Rajesh Datta
      Petition Organizer

      Please click the following link to read reports by Nilanjan Dutta and Partho Sarathi Ray

    9. Update from Uchched Pratirodh Committee on 17 June 2012

      Rajesh Datta
      Petition Organizer

      Please click the following link to read a report by Parag

    10. Statement on the attack on Nonadanga inhabitants by TMC goons, 15 June 2012

      Rajesh Datta
      Petition Organizer

      We urge all democratic minded people of West Bengal to protest against this assault on democratic rights and the right of people to undisturbed living without facing the menace of eviction and hooliganism.We demand that the government desist from all unlawful eviction and restore to the people their land and houses withdrawing all the false cases pending against them in court.
      Signed -Mahasveta Devi, Asoke Mitra, Tarun Sanyal, Sunanda Sanyal, Kabir Suman, Kaushik Sen, Nabarun Bhattacharya, Dipankar Chakrabarti, Sabyasachi Deb, Sachchidananda Banerjee, Debaprasad RoyChowdhury, Pratul Mukhopadhyay, Bolan Gangopadhyay, Ratan Khasnabish, Raghab Bandyopadhyay, Suvendu Dasgupta, Naba Datta, Miratun Nahar, Debabrata Panda, Bipul Chakrabarti, Amitdyuti Kumar, Tapas Chakrabarti, Kumar Rana Ranesh Roy, Pranab De, Chandana Mitra, Premangsu Dasgupta, Ashok Chattopadhyay, Srijan Sen, Dipanjan Rai Chaudhuri, Partho Sarathi Ray, Meher Engineer, Salil Biswas, Subhasis Mukhopadhyay, Rabin Chakraborty.

    11. Update on the continuing struggle at Nonadanga on 14 June 2012

      Rajesh Datta
      Petition Organizer

      Please click the following link to read a report by Partho Sarathi Ray of 'Sanhati'

    12. Statement from the Editorial Board of the magazine 'TOWARDS A NEW DAWN'

      Rajesh Datta
      Petition Organizer

      The biased judiciary system is lingering all the hearings of these activists and is delaying their release day after day. This is an outrageous effort and a brutal campaign by the state to restrain all the voices of resistance and for a sound alternative of the present exploitative system. This incident has further unmasked the facade of Indian ''democracy''. We need to protest this with utmost indignation and should be vocal for immediate unconditional release of Abhijnan Sarkar & Deblina Chakraborty along with other mass activists who are being imprisoned illegally by this fascist state.
      Standstill against all forms of oppression
      Join the protest & demand immediate release of the activists who have been detained illegally.

    13. Deputation against illegal detentions and forceful evictions, 30 May 2012

      Rajesh Datta
      Petition Organizer

      A programme of Deputation to the Chief Minister of West Bengal organized by various mass organisations against the illegal detention of mass activists and forceful evictions was held on 30 May 2012 (Wednesday) in demand of: 1) Immediate and unconditional release of Debolina Chakraborty, secretary of Matangini Mahila Samiti and Abhijnan Sarkar, editor of ‘Towards A New Dawn’ magazine who were illegitimately arrested and continue behind bars for protesting against Nonadanga eviction 2) Prompt annulment all forged charges against all activists of Nonadanga Anti-eviction Movement
      3) Stop forcible evictions and assault on people’s lives and livelihood at Nonadanga and elsewhere in the name of ‘urbanization’ 4) Apposite rehabilitation of all evictees 5) Immediate and unconditional release of all political prisoners. Conveners: Naree Chetana, All India Revolutionary Women’s Organisation (AIRWO), Manobee, Matangini Mahila Samiti (MMS), CAVOW, Naree Mukti Sangha, PYL, RYFI, USDF and GPM

    14. A report on the march to Writers Building on 24 May 2012 by Nilanjan Dutta

      Rajesh Datta
      Petition Organizer

      The Nonadanga movement claimed a little victory on 24 May when for the first time since the eviction of residence from the colony on 30 March, a high-level government official met a delegation of the Anti-eviction Committee at the Writers’ Buildings. The committee organised a march to the Writers’ from College Square. When the rally reached Esplanade, a public meeting was held. The chief minister’s office had been informed earlier that a delegation would go to the Writers’ and submit a memorandum. But, a huge police contingent encircled them and said the government would not meet their representatives. The marchers announced that until the government changed its mind, they would continue their sit-in at Esplanade. Tension escalated as more police forces were brought in and prisoner vans were lined up threatening a crackdown and mass arrests. However, late in the evening, CM Mamata Banerjee’s personal secretary had a discussion with the representatives of the committee on their demands.

    15. Street Corner against the detention of activists and evictions at Nonadanga

      Rajesh Datta
      Petition Organizer

      With the demands for the immediate and unconditional release of Debolina Chakraborty and Abhijnan Sarkar, against forceful evictions and the prompt annulment of all fabricated charges against the anti-eviction activists illegally arrested for protesting against Nonadanga eviction, various mass organisations and concerned citizens organised a Roadside Protest Meeting held on 18th May 2012 (Friday) at Bank of India Crossing, Bowbazar, Kolkata at 4.00 pm.

    16. Convention against the detention of mass activists and forcible evictions

      Rajesh Datta
      Petition Organizer

      With the demands for the unconditional release of Debolina Chakraborty and Abhijnan Sarkar, against evictions without rehabilitation and the withdrawal of cases against the people of Nonadanga who have been falsely implicated, various womens’ organizations organised a convention held on 9th May 2012 at Student’s Hall, Kolkata, at 4.30 pm. Conveners : Naree Chetana, All India Revolutionary Women’s Organisation (AIRWO); Manobee, Matangini Mahila Samiti (MMS) and CAVOW.

    17. Binayak Sen decries eviction of Nonadanga slum dwellers, The Hindu, May 4

      Rajesh Datta
      Petition Organizer

      Extending support to those protesting against eviction at the Nonadanga slums, human rights activist Binayak Sen visited the area on 4th May (Friday) and heard the grievances of the residents. Dr. Sen said: “It is a matter of shame the way the people are being treated -- no drinking water, no food grains through the public distribution system, no schools and no medical facilities.”
      The residents told Dr. Sen they were being put behind bars for protesting against the eviction and charges were being brought against them over being involved in Maoist activities. A resident, Sudip Mondal, broke down as he narrated how his one-year-old son was also arrested along with others for participating in the protest. Observing that such an attitude on the part of the state was not good for democracy, Dr. Sen said there was a need to develop tolerance for dissenting opinions. He said: “The state should be sympathetic to them but on the contrary it is making their plight worse.”

    18. Nonadanga Clash : Bail @ Rs 5,000, The Statesman, 3 May 2012

      Rajesh Datta
      Petition Organizer

      Eleven people who were arrested after a clash at Nonadanga last Saturday were granted bail in a judgment at Alipore Court. The group made up of six women and five men were released on the condition that the bail amount of Rs 5,000 per person to be paid. Mazdur Kranti Parishad (MKP) secretary, Amitava Bhattacharya, one of those at the helm of the anti-eviction campaign, said, “Our victory has been achieved. The prosecution wanted to send all of those arrested to jail, but our lawyer fought very well. He appealed to the judge about the bail amount, saying that these people are daily wage workers, but we are collecting donations from supporters of the anti-eviction movement to ensure the immediate release of those arrested.” These 11 slum dwellers have been held at Lalbazar since 29 April, when police charged on a group of evictees who had broken a section of the fence constructed around the perimeters of their rebuilt shanty-huts by the Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority (KMDA).

    19. Reached 250 signatures
    20. Sanhati statement on the fresh police attacks in Nonadanga on 28 April

      Rajesh Datta
      Petition Organizer

      We condemn the brutal police attack and lathicharge on the evicted residents in Nonadanga on April 28 and demand that the arrested persons be immediately released. The double standards of the West Bengal govt. is becoming increasingly clear through such actions. While the Chief Minister made claims to the press on Friday that she was pro-poor and anti-eviction, the police and TMC goons came charging on Saturday to Nonadanga. We demand that the ongoing State policy of harassment, intimidation and slow attrition to evict and punish the residents of Nonadanga be immediately stopped. Moreover, we demand that the residents be suitably rehabilitated and compensated for being forcibly evicted from their homes. We also reaffirm our solidarity with the heroic struggle of these vulnerable and destitute residents. The fabricated cases slapped against the activists are still in place and we demand that the charges be withdrawn immediately to bring an end to this harassment of dissenting voices.

    21. A report on the arrests during the police attack at Nonadanga on 28 April

      Rajesh Datta
      Petition Organizer

      Five women and six male residents of Nonadanga were arrested and charged under a host of sections of the Indian Penal Code, three of which are non-bailable, along with an Act that pertains to the destruction of public property, for protesting inhuman and illegal actions of the authorities on 28 April. They are: Pratima Baidya, Minati Sardar, Saraswati Dasi, Ranjita Baidya, Pratima Baij, Bapi Mandal, Manindra Mandal, Purna Mandal, Ujjwal Saha, Sona Bar and Rabin Haldar. They have been charged under sections 147, 148, 149, 186, 323, 325, 332, 333 and 353 of IPC and 3 PDPP Act, in Tiljala PS Case No. 133 dated 28.04.2012. Earlier, two other women along with an infant who were also dragged into the police van and taken to the central lock-up were brought back to Nonadanga, perhaps because the police wanted to avoid the controversy that arose when they took children from Nonadanga into custody on two earlier occasions. One of them fainted when she was being brought down from the police van.

    22. Debolina gets 12 days' judicial custody,

      Rajesh Datta
      Petition Organizer

      A Haldia sub divisional court has sent Debolina Chakraborty - the member of Matangini Mohila Samity - to 12 days of judicial custody along with Jadavpur University student Abhijnan Sarkar. Debolina was held for allegedly keeping links with the Maoists. Debolina, a Jadavpur University alumna and known as a rights activist, was rounded up from a mass gathering of Nonadanga evictees on April 8. Initially, she was charged for assaulting cops in connection with a Tiljala case but after production at court on April 9, the CID tagged her in three other cases, including a two-year-old UAPA case. They will be produced in court again on May 7. --The Times of India, 26 April, 2012
      We must continue to demand in the strongest possible terms the unconditional and immediate release of Debolina and Abhijnan with prompt annulment of all the fabricated charges against all of the activists, illegitimately arrested on April 8, 2012, for participating in the peaceful anti-eviction movement in Nonadanga.

    23. Four Nonadanga activists granted bail (The Times of India, April 24, 2012)

      Rajesh Datta
      Petition Organizer

      Alipore court granted bail to four activists who had been arrested during an agitation against the eviction drive at Nonadanga. Earlier, Partho Sarathi Ray had been released on bail after a huge uproar over his arrest. On Monday, counsel for the six arrested activists-Debolina Chakraborty, Abhijnan Sarkar, Debjani Ghosh, Samik Chakraborty, Manas Chatterjee, Sidhhartha Gupta -filed the bail petition. Public prosecutor Tapan saha did not oppose bail. However, magistrate S N Shanawaj Hossain held back a decision on Debolina and Abhijnan till their next production on April 26. The duo, tagged in two other cases in East Midnapore, was produced in Contai court on Monday where the state counsel claimed they had been involved in 'Maoist activities' in Nandigram during the anti-land acquisition movement. The magistrate remanded the duo to police custody for 2 days. The anti-eviction activists felt they achieved a moral victory as the movement forced the government from opposing the bail plea.

    24. Debalina and Abhijnan will now be in jail until 5th May

      Rajesh Datta
      Petition Organizer

      There was high drama at Alipore court on 21 April, during the case hearing of Debalina and Abhijnan. The two activists had earlier been separated from the rest of the seven, who were arrested for protesting the Nonadanga evictions, by tagging them with old cases from Nandigram and elsewhere which are under CID investigation. Debalina has faced long interrogation by the CID. On Saturday they were not produced in the open court but taken straight to the magistrate’s chamber from where they were remanded in judicial custody for 14 days. Their lawyer, Subhashis Roy, raised strong objections to the denial of hearing in the open court. An altercation followed and in an unprecedented step, the counsel himself was detained at the court on the allegation that he had been trying to take pictures inside the courtroom with his cellphone. He was, however, released at night. Debalina and Abhijnan will now be in jail until 5 May, if the police do not seek their custody in some other case before that.

    25. WSS Statement of concern on prolonged police custody of Debolina

      Rajesh Datta
      Petition Organizer

      WOMEN AGAINST SEXUAL VIOLENCE & STATE REPRESSION (WSS) is extremely concerned by the continued police custody of activist Debolina Chakrabarty, secretary of the Kolkata based women’s organization, Matangini Mahila Samiti, and the recent reports in the press that she has developed some eye problems while in CID custody. The manner in which her custody was sought by the CID and then granted by the Magistrate is also very disturbing; it only heightens our apprehensions and anxieties of ill-treatment and torture of Debolina. In view of the blatant lawlessness in the custodial torture of Soni Sori in Chhattisgarh, we fear the worst during such `interrogation’ by the police; it could very well be the same or a worse form of `intimidation’ and torture. While we welcome the granting of bail on April 17 for the release of Partho Sarathi Ray from Alipore Central Jail, Kolkata, we
      strongly protest the continued detention of the other activists, especially the prolonged CID custody of Debolina.


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      it is violation of a basic human right to shelter&livelihood and right to demonstrate against arbitrary actions of state and violation higher judicial judgements

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      Every rebel is my friend. I am with her and with each & every rebel.

      • about 2 years ago

      ar koto lok marbe ar koto pran nie khelbe tumi/ar kotobar lathi charge ar kotobar tumi churbe guli/sobuj gerua laal misie bikrito kore tulecho kemon/sreni sosoner jontro rastro porichoe aj tomar emon.

    • Malay Bhattacharyya KOLKATA, INDIA
      • about 2 years ago

      this is just ridiculous,Deblina should be released as soon as possible.. what else could be said against this meaningless governance?

    • vijay kumar ANANTAPUR, INDIA
      • about 2 years ago

      abolish UAPA


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