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Pass AB 2197: Temporary License Plate Program

    1. Ann Frederick
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      Ann Frederick

      Los Angeles, CA

On August 17, 2013, Michael Bonanomi, a wonderful and amazing friend, brother and son, was killed by a hit-and-run driver while crossing the street in Los Angeles. The person who hit and killed him simply sped away. While there were five witnesses and several surveillance videos of Michael’s tragic death, none were able to identify the car that killed Michael because it had only temporary dealership paper plates. Quite simply, if a license plate had been on the car, the person that killed Michael and cowardly drove away would have been caught.

Each year, approximately 1.8 million new vehicles are purchased in California and driven off dealership lots without a license plate. A small portion of used vehicles are also sold by independent dealerships without license plates.  A permanent license plate is usually mailed to the registered owner within about three weeks, but during this period the vehicle can be driven without license plates.

While license plates are required to be installed “upon receipt” or within 90 days, whichever is sooner, some vehicle owners drive their vehicles without plates for months, or even years. This poses a risk to public safety, allowing motorists to avoid detection in criminal activity, hit and run crimes, and traffic and toll violations.

California’s electronic toll payment collection system — FasTrak® — relies upon a photo of a vehicle’s license plate for enforcement.  In the San Francisco Bay Area, drivers without plates evaded almost $8 million in tolls on the region’s eight toll bridges in fiscal year 2012-13.  Southern California toll roads and express lanes lost almost $5 million, for a total statewide loss of over $12 million.

This month, Assemblyman Kevin Mullin will introduce to the California State Assembly AB 2197, a bill that would require all cars sold by a new or used car dealer to leave the lot with a temporary license plate that includes a license number.  The temporary plates would feature a registered license plate number, which would allow newly sold cars to be identified just like any other car with a permanent, metal license plate.  The bill would prevent cars without permanent license plates from escaping accidents without being identified and from running through toll booths without paying, which costs California millions of dollars a year.  Cars involved in abductions could also be more easily identified, leading to more effective Amber Alerts. The bill would also allow police and highway patrol officers to run a car’s temporary license plate number when pulling a car over, and to know whether the driver of the vehicle presents a risk to them.

There is no reasonable opposition to AB 2197.  The improved public safety and increased revenue to California vastly outweighs the negligible cost and effort to implement the program.  The temporary license plate program will utilize the Business Partner Automation Program already used by dealers.  As a result, the cost of each temporary license plate will be minimal, and dealers will merely be required to include the temporary license plate number with the registration information they already send to the DMW when they sell a car.  California is one of few states that do not require temporary license plates.  AB 2197 will remedy that.  To learn more about AB 2197, please go to:

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AB 2197 will not bring back Michael or catch his killer, but it will stop other drivers in the future from cowardly running from the scene of an accident. 



The California State Assembly and Senate
Pass AB 2197: Temporary License Plate Program

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      Ann Frederick
      Petition Organizer

      Sep 29, 2014 — Governor Jerry Brown dealt a swift blow to increasing penalties for hit and run drivers on Friday when he vetoed AB 2337 [increases hit and run penalties], a hit and run bill not associated with our efforts.

      In his veto statement he said that “existing penalties [for hit and drivers] are already sufficient". We respectfully disagree and that is why we've aggressively backed 2 other hit and run bills this session. The Governor apparently feels that the crisis of hit-and-run's on our community, and public have not meet a threshold that warrants that suspected be held accountable to society.

      This decision to veto AB2337 places our bills, AB47 [establishes an alert system using the current Amer Alert System to track down hit and run drivers] and AB1532 [increases minimum penalties on hit and run so drivers who flee the scene of an accident lose their driving privileges for a minimum of 6 months] at risk for veto by the governor as well. We are asking our supporters to contact Governor Jerry Brown at 916.445.2841(or email at the address below) and remind him that this is an epidemic and as the leader of this state he has a responsibility to take action on this important issue. Please share this status on your own facebook and Twitter accounts and do anything else that gets the word out NOW!

      You can also email Governor Brown here:

      Only ONE MORE DAY remains for consideration of the remaining bills on Brown’s desk. Please act now! Thank you for your support.

      Call Governor Jerry Brown at 916.445.2841.


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    • Chelsea Rhodes LA HABRA, CA
      • 3 months ago

      Hold people accountable. Also, help eliminate crimes of opportunity.

    • Edward Buliavac SANTA CLARA, CA
      • 3 months ago

      Hit and runs.

    • Mary Didier NORTH HIGHLANDS, CA
      • 4 months ago

      Loopholes in the law.. lets close them to the very best of our ability and not let a hit and run driver go free...

    • Cynthia Mills PINETOWN, CA
      • 5 months ago

      This practice should apply to our own country as well.

    • Christopher Stoneham TUJUNGA, CA
      • 5 months ago

      Every life lost in hit and run accidents is a life wasted. There was a lot of potential just wasted here.


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