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Pass Senate Bill 594

    1. Gopal Shanker
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      Gopal Shanker

      Saint Helena, CA

September 2012


From Petition Creator Gopal Shanker: Governor Brown signed SB 594 today!

Utility customers like farms, wineries, schools, etc. that have multiple electricity meters on their properties are currently prohibited from installing a single renewable energy system to offset the combined electrical loads of their meters. Instead, the utility customer has to install one renewable energy system per meter. This prohibition increases the cost and complexity of installing a renewable energy system. It precludes some customers from installing a renewable energy system.

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    1. SB 594 passes Senate Floor

      Gopal Shanker
      Petition Organizer

      Around 11:15 p.m. on the 31st of August, SB 594 passed the Senate Floor (21 ayes; 12 noes). The final bill will be proofread and verified that it correctly adopts all amendments before it is presented to the governor. The governor has until September 30 to sign or veto bills.

    2. SB 594 passes Assembly Floor

      Gopal Shanker
      Petition Organizer

      SB 594 passed the Assembly Floor (45 ayes; 5 noes) on August 30. Many assembly members who weren’t on the floor will add their names later on today. Although the numbers of ayes and noes will go up, the result won’t change. The bill will go back to the Senate tomorrow, where it is also expected to pass. Hopefully, the Governor will sign, the bill will become law, and meter aggregation will become a reality.

    3. SB 594 passes Appropriations

      Gopal Shanker
      Petition Organizer

      SB 594 passed Appropriations (12 ayes; 0 noes) o0n August 8! The Wine Institute, California Farm Bureau, Récolte Energy, and many others testified in support; one – representing the municipal utilities – opposed unless amended; and one – Southern California Edison – opposed.

      The bill will be amended to accommodate the municipal utilities’ objection, and then sent to the Assembly floor for a vote. Hopefully soon.

    4. SB 594 passes Assembly Utilities and Commerce Committee

      Gopal Shanker
      Petition Organizer

      SB 594 passed (13 ayes; 0 noes; 2 abstentions) the Assembly Utilities and Commerce Committee on Monday, the 25th of June. The next step is for the bill to pass the Committee on Appropriations (17 members), where it is scheduled to be heard on the 8th of August.

    5. List of organizations currently supporting SB 594

      Gopal Shanker
      Petition Organizer

      Agricultural Energy Consumers Association
      Bloom Energy
      California Climate and Agriculture Network (CalCAN)
      California Cotton Ginners and Growers Association
      California Farm Bureau
      California Poultry Federation
      California Public Utilities Commission
      City of American Canyon
      Community Alliance with Family Farmers
      Del Mesa Carmel
      Domaine Carneors Winery
      Environment California
      Far Niente
      The Gasser Foundation
      Mainstream Energy
      Mira International
      Napa County Board of Supervisors
      Napa Mill
      Napa Valley Vintners
      Quattrocci Kwok Architects
      Recolte Energy
      Santa Rosa City Schools
      Sierra Club California
      Solar Alliance
      Sonoma Valley Unified School District
      Sustainable Napa County
      United Cerebral Palsy of Northern California
      Vote Solar
      Western Agricultural Processors
      Wine Institute

    6. Bill coauthors

      Gopal Shanker
      Petition Organizer

      Senator Wolk’s office has invited all members of the legislature to co-author this important bill. So far, Noreen Evans, Jerry Hill, Mark Leno, Michael Rubio, and David Valadao have signed on. We’d love to have a whole lot more to send a strong message since the utilities are lobbying hard to defeat this measure. SB 594 is a common sense bill that operates within existing Net Energy Metering limits and removes unnecessary and outdated obstacles to net metered customers. Please call or write your legislator asking them to co-author SB 594.

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    Reasons for signing

    • Ed Sporl SAN ANSELMO, CA
      • about 2 years ago

      Governor Brown, please Pass SB 594

    • Tye Taylor NPA, CA
      • about 2 years ago

      I am affiliated with a sight that has multiple meters. The company I work for makes great efforts to be GREEN. I believe the removal of what appears to be un-needed obstacles is important to help utility users utilize renewable energy systems. Hopefully benefiting the environment and financially.


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