The Board of the Minnesota Orchestral Association (MOA): Resume the 2012-13 MN Orchestra season using funds saved from the lockout.
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CEO, Wells Fargo
John Stumpf
The Board of the Minnesota Orchestral Association (MOA)
President and CEO of the Minnesota Orchestra
Michael Henson
Minnesota Orchestra Board Chair
Jon Campbell
Chair of the Minnesota Orchestra Board negotiating committee
Richard Davis
Minnesota Governor
Gov. Mark Dayton

The Board of the Minnesota Orchestral Association (MOA): Resume the 2012-13 MN Orchestra season using funds saved from the lockout.

    1. Maryann Goldstein
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      Maryann Goldstein

      Edina, MN

Since October 1, 2012, the Minnesota Orchestra Association (MOA) has locked out the Musicians of the Minnesota Orchestra, cancelling concerts and educational programs, putting our renowned orchestra, its musicians (who have now begun leaving) and our cultural quality of life in peril. Tens of thousands of Minnesota citizens, including thousands of students, have been negatively impacted by the silence. Michael Henson, MN Orchestra CEO and President, has claimed that the MOA saves over $500,000/ month by locking out the musicians, so at this point, the MOA should have more than enough funds to pay the musicians for the remaining 3 months of the 2012-13 season. As a non-profit organization that receives funding from patrons and the State, the Minnesota Orchestra belongs to the people of Minnesota as well as the Board. Therefore, as music lovers, dedicated music educators, and students who value and miss our world-class, Grammy nominated Minnesota Orchestra, we, the undersigned, ask that the MOA and Board hear our collective voice and reinstate the Minnesota Orchestra 2012-13 season while continuing negotiations with orchestra musicians.

John Stumpf, CEO, Wells Fargo
The Board of the Minnesota Orchestral Association (MOA)
Michael Henson, President and CEO of the Minnesota Orchestra
Jon Campbell, Minnesota Orchestra Board Chair
Richard Davis, Chair of the Minnesota Orchestra Board negotiating committee
Minnesota Governor
Gov. Mark Dayton, Minnesota
Resume the 2012-13 MN Orchestra season using funds saved from the lockout.

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    1. Petition delivery information!

      Maryann Goldstein
      Petition Organizer

      I am pleased to report that on Monday, April 1, 2013, 40 packets (a personal letter, the petition, 32 pages of your signatures, and 18 pages of your comments) were sent out--- the entire MOA Executive Committee Board members, a number of other MOA Board members who might be more favorably inclined towards the petition, and several politicians (Gov. Dayton, Mayor RT Rybak, and Representatives Davnie, Atkins, and Kahn). By now these individuals should have received this material. We hope that they will consider this proposal seriously.

      In the meantime, we are continuing to accept signatures/comments and promote the petition. It is extremely important that we have our voices be heard. As additional people sign and comment, these will be forwarded to the MOA. Thank YOU for your commitment to bringing the music back!

    2. Reached 1,000 signatures
    3. Closing in on 1000 signatures!

      Maryann Goldstein
      Petition Organizer

      Thank you everyone for weighing in! It is so very important that we keep this going! Let's get over 1000 today! So, if you have any other people who might be interested, please forward the petition. Yesterday the MN Orchestra played two wonderful family concerts in Wayzata to packed audiences with many kids in attendance. They did this and have been doing this type of outreach on their own during the lockout because they KNOW how important it is. Let's up our efforts to support the musicians, music education, and the uniquely excellent cultural life of the Twin Cities! Thanks!

    4. just hit 800 signatures and in the press!

      Maryann Goldstein
      Petition Organizer
      MN Orchestra cancels through April 27; petition circulating; musicians to play Wayzata concert

      The Minnesota Orchestra has canceled more concerts, this time through April 27. Gone are Sudbin Plays Beethoven, Inside the Classics: Romeo and Juliet, Wicked Divas of Broadway, and (gasp!) Stanislaw Skrowaczewski and Erin Keefe. A few concerts have been rescheduled for the 2013-14 season.

    5. Reached 750 signatures
    6. Over 700 signatures in only two days!

      Maryann Goldstein
      Petition Organizer

      We just passed 700 signatures! THANK YOU ALL! We still have a long way to go, but we now have a LOT of public support and in the social media community. Several bloggers and organizations have linked the petition so here's a big THANK YOU to them as well!
      These include Emily Hogstad's Song of the Lark blog, Norman Lebrecht's Slipped Disc blog, the Musicians of the Minnesota Orchestra Facebook page, the Violinist's Facebook page, and the International Conference of Symphony and Opera Musician's Facebook page
      Let's keep it all going!

    7. Reached 500 signatures


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