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Repeal the "Wrongful Birth" Bill, Which Can Kill Mothers

    1. Brynna Youmans
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      Brynna Youmans

      Chesapeake, VA

Repeal the "Wrongful Birth" Bill.

This bill, sponsored by Republican Nancy Barto of Phoenix and passed this Tuesday in a 20-9 vote, is meant to keep mothers from suing their doctors when their child is born with a disability and they were not informed beforehand. Republicans assume that if women are told that their baby is going to have a disability, they are going to want an abortion. It is understandable why they do not find this morally sound. So, in their all-encompassing rage, they've passed a "wrongful birth" bill that makes it illegal for a mother to sue if the doctor withholds information he gains from prenatal examinations.

HERE'S WHERE WE GET TO THE ENRAGING SCENARIOS THE BILL SUPPORTS. The bill ALSO protects doctors if they choose not to tell mothers that having their child will kill them. Prenatal care isn't just for the health of the infant - it's for the mother, too. Complications such as ectopic pregnancies (rare, but still very possible) can mean death for the mother if an abortion isn't performed, and this bill protects doctors who choose not inform a mother of a complication that will kill the mother AND her unborn child.

In their hateful war against abortion, Republicans have produced a terrifying bill that could have life-and-death consequences. We must unite and urge the Arizona Senate to repeal the bill - now law - immediately, before these consequences are fully realized.

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