Voice your opinion. We need term limits for Congress and Senate postions
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Voice your opinion. We need term limits for Congress and Senate postions

    1. Keith TIbado
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      Keith TIbado

      Lake Wales, FL

Do you think that elected officials in the US Senate and Congress should have term limits. Do you feel that they represent the voice of the people or the corporations or lobbyist that fund their reelection year after year. They clearly are not in a hurry to try and better this once great country but yet drag their feet to maintain a hold on its very life source. Unwilling to unite and overcome political difference for the betterment of the USA. No more life politicians.

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    • lisa wong SEATTLE, WA
      • almost 2 years ago

      I am tired of all the old men bickering and protecting their positions. If we have term limits maybe they can see their way to clear to make some tough decisions so that the country can move forward. It is past time to break up some of the gridlock that has formed from these well paid old men who cannot seem to get out of a rut and to try something different. They are all starting to go stale and 'crustify' in place. We need youth and we need bold new ideas.

    • April Fridley FROSTPROOF, FL
      • about 2 years ago

      We are in desperate need of a change. We need fresh young people inside to have their own opinion and not be "Bullied" by our elders who want things to stay the same.

    • Clyde Baldwin LANSING, MI
      • about 2 years ago

      dont know if only allowing a person to hold office for a limited number of years would prevent the partisan lockup in congress. If people really were against lifetime politicians they would just elect other people but they don't. Even if they did whats to stop the parties from running some one with the same ideology? I think that the law would be a symbolic gesture more than a solution. People are re-elected because their constituents like them. People often put party over country and changing the face wont necessarily change the mindset of what is popular with the voters.


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