Thank the President for Supporting DREAMers!
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Thank the President for Supporting DREAMers!

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Today we celebrate an historic victory.

The Obama administration has announced dramatic, bold and courageous steps to protect approximately 1 million DREAM Act-eligible young people from deportation and to create a mechanism for them to seek work permits.

This is an enormous victory for the immigrant rights movement which has campaigned for years to protect young people, and especially for the DREAMers who have so courageously stood up for their futures.

Join us in thanking the President for his bold moral leadership in suspending deportation of DREAM students.

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    • Victoria John COVINGTON, LA
      • over 2 years ago

      This country needs its immigrants more than they need this country. If they were born here, or trafficked, they have the same rights to citizenship as those granted to freed slaves under our Constitution. You can, and should, support these young people.. They are assets to their communities, and to the economy. The DREAM Act itself may be flawed if it bypasses the rights many of them already have, but aren't aware of, under our Constitution. A good amendment would clarify and expand those rights and opportunities. The wave of European immigrants here fed our Industrial Revolution. I look forward to a similar golden age for this country when we welcome the talent and diversity of newcomers again.


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