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Eliminate the monopoly created by Lubbock Power and Light in Lubbock, TX

    1. Brittany Reinart
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      Brittany Reinart

      Lubbock, TX

Lubbock Power and Light profited millions of dollars last year and are in the process of considering rate increases. They bought out the only existing energy distributing competitor in this town due the the political gain of our elected officials and their supporters thus allowing them to become a monopoly and charge ridiculus rates. The citizens of Lubbock have for many years been taken advantage of due to the monopolizing effects that Lubbock Powere and Light have pushed into our homes. It is illegal and unconstitutional to maintain a monopoly in the United States of America and it is time for the citizens of Lubbock to take action and fight back.

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    • Alex Reed LUBBOCK, TX
      • almost 3 years ago

      wow took full advantage of a young ignorant roommate, then they billed my debit card for 172.00 instead of 52.00 and lied about it. Told me it was a new account deposit, hmmm account has been open for 6months and I already paid one, further more they billed my card without permission.

      Ohh best part. LPNL actually makes the law now, according to them its a law to pay the deposit for.a tariff tax. WOW think ill settle for not just my deposit but every LPNL customer deserves that money back

      Alex Reed

    • Jeff Gras LUBBOCK, TX
      • almost 3 years ago

      After spending 15 minutes trying to convince the automated system that I truly needed to speak to an actual human being (and being disconnected from the system by the system itself) I was informed by the actual human that if I required her assistance with my issue, I would be charged $30.00 on my next statement for that assistance. That was the last straw. On 21 October 2011 I returned home from work to find the power out at my apartment complex. When I called to report the outage, I was informed quite rudely that LP&L was aware of the issue and someone was already on the property resolving it. A quick walk around the complex proved that statement to be inaccurate. Power magically reappeared an hour later, and my phone rang and a woman asked me quite rudely, "Are your lights on now? Thank you SO much, SIR." Enough. No more.

    • Joshua Fuller LUBBOCK, TX
      • about 3 years ago

      To end the monopoly. Thank you Brittany for starting this. I would have never known where to start.

    • Amanda Cruz LUBBOCK, TX
      • about 3 years ago

      Our utility bills seem to be raised every single month no matter how much we try not to use electricity. We have gone as far as unplugging everything everytime we leave for work and to our amazment our bill is still higher than the last. I wonder if they just make up usuage cause it doesnt seem like they really read the meters.

    • john flores LUBBOCK, TX
      • about 3 years ago

      Lubbock city officials have way too much power over the people that actually have to pay the bills for this city..(Taxpayers).. Too much of this "good ol boy" mentality in our local city govbernment and it needs to come to acctountablility of what our tax dollars are actually being spent on..


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