Terminate father's visitation for Incest & Prosecute him!
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Terminate father's visitation for Incest & Prosecute him!

    1. SaveBella Ryder
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      SaveBella Ryder

      San Diego, CA

Bella Ryder disclosed to her mother Loryn Ryder at 26 months old that her father Matthew Lang Pritchard had molested her. Bella saw a therapist for many months after the abuse and the therapist reports that Bella's behaviors are consistent with patterns seen in children who are known to have been molested. Matthew has since received full custody of Bella and has been separated from her mother who believed her and tried to protect her. Several witnesses say Bella is complete traumatized and will never be the same.

Franklin County refuses to look at any evidence or listen to Bella's taped disclosures of the abuse and even sentenced Loryn to jail for trying to protect her daughter. Tell Franklin County, Ohio and politicians alike that Matthew doesn't get another chance to molest his daughter! Matthew should be in jail, not Loryn!

Get this pedophile away from Bella Ryder! We're fed up of Franklin County not listening to this mother and child! Our only option is to get the public outraged and hold these officials accountable for failure to protect. Help save baby Bella.

To review the evidence visit http://Save-Baby-Bella.com

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    • Kathy Kurasch MALIBU, CA
      • 11 months ago

      I was molested by my brothers Chris, Stephen, & Eric Kurasch as a child and will do everything I can to keep this horrific crime from happening to any other child.

    • Tammi Stefano CANOGA PARK, CA
      • over 1 year ago

      This child should have a civil right to protection, freedom from abuse, rape, torture...but apparently she is denied these rights because she is too young. If the Almighty God, creator of this self destructing, deteriorating race felt a child could communicate using their voice, feelings and emotion, perhaps man might consider allowing a child's voice to allowed to be considered truthful. Wake up people...self destructing! Prosecute all fathers, pedophiles, rapists and murderers of childhood. Save this child from a torturous rape of her childhood and her body!

    • Dawn Bruner WICHITA, KS
      • over 1 year ago

      Please save Bella from this nightmare. She's suffered enough already. The trauma will stay with her for life, isn't that enough. Apparently, not since she was taken from her loving mother and given to a monster!! It just makes me heartsick to know all of the lifelong issues she will face because of this. Have you people no common sense AND no heart. Do the right thing!!!

    • Keri Alexander AUSTRALIA
      • over 1 year ago

      Children's rights must be prioritised above parent's needs

    • Nadia Krogsgaard COPENHAGEN, DENMARK
      • over 1 year ago

      Because no matter where in the world this thing happens, it needs to STOP!


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