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      The "180th Watchdog Coalition"

180th Watchdog Coalition”
“Keeping Politicians Honest & Effective”

“180th Watchdog Coalition Petition for Term Limits for Elected Officials

Terms limits for elected officials at every level of government are one way to address and decrease corruption and provide effective government.

1. State Senators: 2terms/12 years.

2. U.S. Senators: 2 terms/12 years.

3. State Representatives: 4 terms/8 years.

4. Mayors: 2 terms/8 years.

5. Governors: 2 terms/8 years.

6. City Council member: 4 terms/8 years.

All elected officials will collect a salary while in office but the aforementioned will not receive any salary once they are no longer in office. Further, there will be absolutely no tenure nor pension provided to elected officials once they are no longer in office.

In the 23 states that have the Initiative Process in which voters can petition to place issues on the ballot, 21 states have voted for and won statewide term limits. Whenever “career” politicians have attempted to end term limits, they have been resoundingly and consistently defeated.

1.Term Limits downgrade seniority, favors meritocracy.

2.Term limits increase competition, encourages new challengers.

3.Term limits build a ‘citizen’ Congress, vs. “career” politicians.

4.Term Limits break ties to special interests.

5.Term Limits improve tendency to vote on principle vs. back scratching.

6.Term Limits introduce fresh thinking and new innovative ideas for an effective government.

7.Term Limits reduce the power of staff, bureaucracy, and lobby groups.

8.Term Limits create a natural reduction in wasteful federal spending.

Seniority systems now in place at every level of government discourage truly talented individuals from running for office because even though they can win, they know they will have to wait years before they will get any recognition for their bills, or a seat on a good committee much less a chairmanship. With term limits enforced, all legislators will be relatively new arrivals, and therefore, seniority will be meaningless. Merit will become the selection method of choice.


Members of "180th Watchdog Coalition"

Anthony P. Johnson, Organizer

Terri L. Willmott, Communication Director

The mission of the “180th Watchdog Coalition” is to ensure that the elected officials of the 180th District and the District Attorney represent the needs and concerns of our residents by fulfilling the promises they made to our community during their political campaigns. In order to receive the resources and services that will make a positive impact and bring meaningful changes and reform, it is our responsibility to monitor our elected officials and hold them accountable.

I AM in favor of term limits for ALL elected officials.

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    • michelle stine REDFIELD, KS
      • almost 2 years ago

      they should live by the "rules" they set for "the rest of us"

    • Brian Rossbach CLARKSVILLE, TN
      • almost 2 years ago

      I am tired of the entitled crap we currently have in office. I would love to see this nation governed by the people for the people as it was originally intended. The golden parachute would be gone and the people that vote this crap in would have to live with it to, and that would generate a LOT of change for the better.

    • Kevin Mulvaney PARK CITY, KS
      • almost 2 years ago

      Our forefathers never intended for fat and lazy attorneys to run this country. It is time for a change. Limit terms and eliminate the congressional pension plan. Social security is good enough for everyone.

    • Kara Ward SAN DIEGO, CA
      • about 2 years ago

      Everyone should sign this because the only reason why Politians are able to be so corrupt because they think they can't be touched!

    • George Chambers TAMPA, FL
      • almost 3 years ago

      Corruption from lobbyists has entrenched our Federal and State Congress' and I can no longer put my faith in our lawmakers ... Seeing senators and Representatives vote to limit personal freedoms (Patriot Act), limit first amendment privileges online (SOPA/PIPA) among other things ...


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