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Temporary Protected Status For Pakistani Nationals

    1. Dr.A. Khan
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      Dr.A. Khan

      Kissimmee, FL

The United Nations has now estimated that Pakistan will need billions of dollars to recover from its worst floods in 80 years - further straining a country already dependent on foreign aid to prop up its economy and back its war against Islamist militants. Over 60,000 troops are involved in flood relief operations trying to assist nearly 14 million people who are now affected by the flooding. The U.N. has just launched an appeal for $459 million in immediate aid, as Pakistanis have become more frustrated with their government's response and President Asif Ali Zardari's trip to Europe.

pakistan is suffering from a horrific disaster......war on terror had already shaken the basis of country and this calamity is further deepening the crisis.International community must cast away their indifferent attitude and help Pakistan in a fruitful manner.This is a humanitarian disaster so let's take the politics out of this and focus on the innocent babies, children, teens, women and men.

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