Tell Your Senators: the World Can't Wait for Clean Energy
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Tell Your Senators: the World Can't Wait for Clean Energy

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Congress is in the midst of an historic attempt to spur a transition to a clean energy economy and away from our over-reliance on fossil fuels - creating jobs and fighting global warming at the same time. Now that the House has passed a climate bill, it is up to the Senate to act.

Your senator is hearing daily from opposing voices, among them far-right bloggers and talk radio hosts, who do not believe global warming is real and want to keep our nation hooked on dirty fossil fuels. It is time for us to demand that the Senate act swiftly to combat global warming and usher in an era of clean renewable energy.

As President Obama has said, the time for delay has passed. We are now at a crossroads with a choice between responsibly addressing the problem now or dealing with severe consequences later.

We must act quickly on climate and energy legislation that will create millions of jobs and protect our environment. Tell your senator there is not a moment to waste.

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