Tell Your Senator: Support Women and Girls in Afghanistan!
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Tell Your Senator: Support Women and Girls in Afghanistan!

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Despite efforts by the U.S. government, the United Nations, and others to improve the lives of women and girls in Afghanistan, most still do not enjoy even basic human rights. You have the power to help them.

The Afghan Women Empowerment Act (S. 229) was introduced by Barbara Boxer (D-CA) in the U.S. Senate. If passed, this bill would provide critical resources for Afghan women for literacy education, technical and vocational training and health care services that would reduce maternal and infant mortality. The bill will also fund programs to protect women and girls against sexual and physical abuse, abduction, trafficking, exploitation, and includes emergency shelters for women and girls who face danger from violence.

Urge your senator to co-sponsor the Afghan Women Empowerment Act today, and give millions of women and girls a better chance in life.

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