Stop Rand Paul's attack on clean air
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Stop Rand Paul's attack on clean air

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Senator Rand Paul is a doctor who apparently has no concern for lung disease and the dangers of polluted air.

The Senator began moving forward this week with an extreme tactic in the Senate to prevent the EPA from implementing a life-saving Clean Air Act rule that would reduce smog and ozone pollution from power plants.

Senator Paul wants to use something called the Congressional Review Act to block the EPA's recently finalized Cross-State Air Pollution Rule -- and he only needs 51 Senate votes to do it.

Tell Your Senator: Reject Rand Paul's attack on clean air.

The Congressional Review Act -- created by none other than Newt Gingrich -- allows simple majority votes in congress to overturn recent agency rules. The president can veto the congressional attack on his rules, and ordinarily we would expect him to, but these aren't ordinary times.

We just witnessed the President's massive, politically motivated cave on a similar EPA Ozone rule, and we can't risk him caving again on this one.

We need 50 Senators to vote to protect clean air. That's possible, but will be extremely difficulty. As we saw this April - when 17 Democrats joined 47 Republicans to vote for rules to weaken, block or delay the Clean Air Act -- support for clean air in the Senate is extremely tenuous.

Tell Your Senator: Reject Rand Paul's attack on clean air.

Smog and particulate matter pollution from power plants, creates Ozone in the air that causes premature death, lung disease and aggravates asthma.

The Cross State Air Pollution rule is a needed update to a 2005 Bush-Administration rule that federal courts found too weak. The rule would reduce air pollution from 27 states that contribute to air pollution and dangerous ozone levels in other states. In so doing, EPA estimates that this rule will, by 2014, save tens of thousands of lives and prevent hundreds of thousands of cases of aggravated asthma, every year.

It's astonishing that that doesn't mean much to Dr. Paul -- help make sure your Senator knows it means something to you, and hundreds of thousands of other Americans.

Tell your Senator
The Cross-State Air Pollution rule will save tens of thousands of lives every year. Stand up for the lives of Americans and defend clean air by rejecting attempts by Sen. Rand Paul and others to block this vital public health protection.

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    • Robert Spiegel EDISON, NJ
      • almost 3 years ago

      We must stop the insane who run this country. They need our help. Please seek treatment Mr. Paul.

    • Robert Fanney GAITHERSBURG, MD
      • about 3 years ago

      Climate change is already costing billions a year. And it's just starting to get revved up. Paul needs to go along with his assault on America's environment.

    • Elijah Taylor EAST HAMPTON, CT
      • about 3 years ago

      There's no reason why we shouldn't protect the enviornment and the lives of the billions of people who depend on it. My mom and many of my friends have asthma and the last thing I want is to make it harder on them or anyone else in their position.

    • Alan Francisco SAN YSIDRO, CA
      • about 3 years ago

      Not protecting important environmental regulations is not good politics.

    • Jennifer Shockley LOUISVILLE, KY
      • about 3 years ago

      To help protect the enviroment that big corps are destroying.


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