Tell Wilson Sporting Goods: Stop Sponsoring Racist, Anti-Gay Schools
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Tell Wilson Sporting Goods: Stop Sponsoring Racist, Anti-Gay Schools

    1. Carol Scott
    2. Petition by

      Carol Scott

      San Francisco, CA

Two private Mississippi schools, Calhoun Academy in Calhoun City, Miss., and Carroll Academy in Carrollton, Miss., receive thousands of dollars in funding from the white supremacist group Council of Conservative Citizens.

The CCC, a hate-spewing, homophobic group that denounces "race mixing," non-Europeans in America, immigrants and gay students, holds barbecues and fundraisers for the schools, which have a virtually all-white student body.

Both of these schools are accredited members of the Mississippi Association of Independent Schools (MAIS), which includes dozens of private academies in Mississippi, Louisiana and Arkansas. Among MAIS's sponsors are Wilson Sporting Goods, Russell Athletic, Mississippi Farm Bureau Insurance and Mutual of Omaha.

By allowing the CCC, which has such horrid racist and anti-gay views, to raise huge funds for these schools, the MAIS is only allowing racism and homophobia to manifest itself across the state in private schools. Tell the MAIS not to accredit schools that fund their classes with white supremacist dollars, and tell the sponsors of MAIS to withdraw financial support from schools supported by hate groups. 

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