Tell Walmart to Stop Rape and Torture of Young Women in its Factories
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R Lawrence Montgomery
CEO, Wal-Mart
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CEO, Lands' End, Inc.
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Tell Walmart to Stop Rape and Torture of Young Women in its Factories

    1. Petition by

      Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights

Please tell Wal-Mart, Hanes, Target, Macy’s, Lands’ End, Kohl’s and Jones Group to immediately end the sexual abuse, rape, torture, and beatings of young women guest workers at the Classic factory in Jordan.

We demand that the companies:

1)  Immediately remove all serial rapists, especially Anil Santha and Priyantha, from the Classic factory;

2)  Pay significant compensation to the rape victims for the damages done them;

3)  Ensure that independent and highly respected non-governmental women’s rights organizations from Sri Lanka and Bangladesh have complete access to monitor factory conditions;

4)  Guarantee that there will be no retaliation against any worker for speaking the truth about factory conditions;

5)  Ensure that the false charges against the internationally respected human rights advocate, Mr. Rafiq Alam, must be immediately dropped;

6)  If Classic refuses to strictly enforce the worker’s rights laws in the U.S.-Jordan Free Trade Agreement, their sweatshop garments should be prohibited from entering the U.S.


Go to the Classic-Jordan Campaign page for a full list of reports, action alerts, news articles, testimony videos and transcripts related to this case.

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    1. Yet Another Rape Victim Comes Forward at Classic Sweatshop in Jordan

      Wal-Mart, Hanes, Target and Sears continue to hide behind a Jordanian Government Whitewash.

    2. AP: Rape case turns focus to Jordan's factory problems

      Sanal Kumar, the corrupt owner of the Classic sweatshop--where scores of young women guest workers from Sri Lanka and Bangladesh have been raped by factory managers-blames U.S. unions and the state of Israel for his factories' problems!

    3. This Labor Day—Stand up and stop the rapes

      In honor of Labor Day, we are launching a second petition drive, asking Queen Rania and Princess Basma of Jordan to intervene to stop the sexual abuse and gross violations. Click on the link for more updates!

    4. Ms. Magazine interviewed another Bangladeshi rape victim

      “I came here to talk so that [the abuse] will never happen again,” Anowara, a rape victim at Classic, told Ms. Magazine.

    5. Progress! Wages, Working Conditions Improve at Classic Factory

      This week, over 100,000 people joined a campaign asking Target, Hanes, Macy's and other major brands to pull their orders from Classic Factory in Jordan, unless the rampant sexual assault, labor abuses, and poor working conditions were stopped....

    6. The Body Shop Supports Campaign to Stop Factory Rapes in Jordan

      Thanks so much to The Body Shop for their amazing support of this campaign!

    7. Reached 100,000 signatures
    8. Watch Kamala's Testimony on YouTube

      "I was molested in every way...The man tortured me...I am destroyed." Watch the video testimony of a Sri Lankan female worker, Kamala, who were repeatedly raped, tortured and forcibly deported when she became pregnant.

    9. Reached 50,000 signatures
    10. Companies Investigate Abuses, But Still Don't Take Action

      Progress! Hanes, Target, and Macy's are all working to investigate the allegations of rape in Classic Factory in Jordan, but so far none of them have agreed to temporarily suspend the accused managers from duty with the investigations are underway.

    11. Reached 7,000 signatures
    12. Corporate Audits Are Designed To Fail

      What is it that Wal-Mart, Target, Hanes, Macy's and the other corporations cannot understand about the sexual abuse of young women at the Classic sweatshop in Jordan?

    13. Power, Money and Corruption in Jordan

      Alleged rapist back to the factory; witness of alleged rape threatened; international human rights activist detained by the Jordanian police—Read the Institute’s latest update to see why existing monitoring and judicial mechanisms won't work.

    14. Reached 6,000 signatures
    15. Ask Target, Macy's and Hanes to Stop Profiting from Rape of Factory Workers

      Sexual assault and rape are a far too common part of life for the women working at Classic Factory in Jordan, making clothes for Target, Hanes, Macy's, and other companies. For years, the female workers have been filing rape complaints against three...

    16. Reached 2,500 signatures
    17. Major American Brands Silent on Alleged Rights Abuses At Overseas Factories

      We made the front page of the Huffington Post! This will put great pressure on the companies - please share, comment, and pass along!

    18. Reached 2,000 signatures
    19. Report Links Target, Hanes to Sexual Abuse at Factory

      Check out this new report linking Target and Hanes to sexual abuses charges at one of their suppliers.

    20. Reached 1,000 signatures
    21. New Report: Hanes and Target Linked to Sexual Abuse

      Young women guest workers from Sri Lanka and Bangladesh are being repeatedly sexually abused at the Classic Group of factories in Jordan while sewing Hanes "C9" clothing for women and men, which is sold exclusively at Target.

    22. Reached 750 signatures
    23. Walmart, Macy's, Target, Kohl's, and Hanes Have a Rape Problem

      Walmart's been all over the news this week, in response to the Supreme Court decision that its female employees cannot bring a class action lawsuit against sex discrimination. But as disturbing as Walmart's record is on discriminating against women...

    24. [RT: Thom Hartmann] Serial Rapists Run Wild in Free Trade

      "What goes on behind closed doors at the Classic factory will shock you."

    25. Reached 250 signatures


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    • c watts MARTINSVILLE, VA
      • about 3 years ago

      Sorry a little off topic but I've signed THIS and many petitions here that weren't what I CAME here for! ;) .... Deadline's approaching & we need 1500 more signatures!! Please help this worthy cause! The Federal Government needs to TELL US whether will or will-not pursue this rotten, selfish, self-centered, Ecstasy- & alcohol-addicted, narcissistic, sociopath, Casey Anthony, for her FEDERAL CRIMES!! :: Killing a Child Under 18, Killing a Family Member, Lying to investigators, Violation of Caylee's Civil Rights ::: Please HELP!! Sign the wonderful NEW petition for a Federal ruling at ~~ Sign by the Mid-October DEADLINE to get President Obama to review & respond ****GUARANTEED!*** We DESERVE an answer! Please sign--it's simple: Name-Email-Zip Code. Boom, you've done your part!!/petition/try-casey-anthony-federal-court-lying-fbi-investigators/KCkZwXSD

    • Adela Alvarez PORTO, SPAIN
      • about 3 years ago

      Detener la violación y tortura de mujeres

    • Valerie Friedman ORLANDO, FL
      • about 3 years ago

      I am re-thinking shopping at these stores and buying these brands! Knowing this, I wonder what else are they hiding? Don't they vet these places?

    • Roberta miller COLUMBUS, OH
      • about 3 years ago

      No human being should be treated as a machine cog and be enslaved. Bring home US garment industry.

    • Holly Copeland PLANO, TX
      • about 3 years ago

      I agree with David Tsosie. I'd like to kick the ass of one of these worthless animals.


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