Tell Walmart to Stop Exploiting Bangladeshi Workers
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Tell Walmart to Stop Exploiting Bangladeshi Workers

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      Washington, DC

Update: Despite Walmart's efforts to fight it, Bangladesh recently increased the minimum wage for garment industry workers to $43 a month. However, this is still a poverty level wage. This petition has been revised to ask Walmart to support the Bangladesh Center for Workers' Solidarity

Wonder how Walmart can sell you $8.00 jeans? It's because the women who made those jeans were paid pennies to make them.

The 2500 workers at the Anowara Apparels factory in Bangladesh make jeans, primarily for the Faded Glory brand of clothes sold at Walmart. They are 90% young women, some with families to support and others trying to simply scrape a living. The women have made between 11 and 17 cents an hour sewing jeans, and they're expected to produce at least ten pairs an hour.

Recognizing the gross underpayment of these workers, the Bangladeshi government successfully raised the minimum wage for garment workers to $43 a month, despite Walmart lobbying against Bangladesh's efforts.

But still, the employees of Anowara Apparels can't afford even basic living expenses on their salary of pennies an hour. They live in make-shift shacks, suffer from malnutrition, and have no source of heat other than burning wood. Dozens of workers and their families use a communal water pump for all their sanitation needs, from washing clothes and their bodies to drinking. Yet Walmart refuses to pay a living wage, so they can keep selling you $8.00 jeans at a high profit margin.

Tell Walmart its time to stop exploiting the people who make their clothing and support workers' rights in Bangladesh.

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