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Tell Virginia State and Local Officials: Block Tolls in Hampton Roads.
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Virginia Senate, District 1
John C. Miller
Virginia Senate, District 2
Mamie E. Locke
Virginia Senate, District 3
Thomas K. Norment Jr.
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Virginia Senate, District 5
Yvonne B. Miller
Virginia Senate, District 6
Ralph S. Northam
Virginia Senate, District 7
Frank W.Wagner
Virginia Senate, District 8
Jeffrey L. McWaters
Virginia Senate, District 14
Harry B. Blevins
Virginia Senate, District 18
L. Louise Lucas
Mayor, City of Portsmouth
Kenneth Wright
City of Portsmouth Council
City of Portsmouth Council
Mayor, Suffolk, VA
Linda T. Johnson
Mayor, Chesapeake, VA
Dr. Alan P. Krasnoff
Mayor, Virginia Beach, VA
William D. Sessoms, Jr.
Mayor, Newport News, VA
McKinley L. Price, DDS
Mayor, Hampton, VA
Molly Joseph Ward
Virginia Delegate, District 90
Algie T. Howell
Virginia Delegate, District 40
Timothy D. Hugo
Virginia Delegate, District 33
Joe T. May
Tell Virginia State and Local Officials
Virginia Delegate, District 39
Vivian E. Watts
Virginia Delegate, District 84
Salvatore R. Iaquinto
Virginia Delegate, District 83
Christopher P. Stolle
Virginia Delegate, District 82
Harry R. Purkey
Virginia Delegate, District 81
Barry D. Knight
Virginia Delegate, District 80
Matthew James
Virginia Delegate, District 79
Johnny S.Joannou
Virginia Delegate, District 78
John A. Cosgrove
Virginia Delegate, District 77
Lionell Spruill Sr.
Virginia Delegate, District 76
S. Chris Jones
Virginia Delegate, District 94
David E. Yancey
Virginia Delegate, District 92
Jeion A. Ward
Virginia Delegate, District 91
Gordon C. Helsel Jr.
Virginia Delegate, District 85
Robert Tata
Mayor, City of Norfolk
Paul Fraim
Virginia Delegate, District 89
Kenneth C. Alexander
Virginia Delegate, District 74
Joseph D. Morrissey
Virginia State House
Virginia State Senate

Tell Virginia State and Local Officials: Block Tolls in Hampton Roads.

    1. Petition by


In attempt to make up for a road-funding model that becomes increasingly insufficient with each passing day, Hampton Roads is on the precipice of heavy tolls and public-private partnerships. While there is much concern from our citizens and representatives, the response is divided. This petition has been created to unify our concerns and hopefully to reverse course on public-private partnerships and tolls.

The most worrisome aspect is what tolls will do to the local economy and citizens. In Hampton Roads, it will heavily affect small businesses, students at ODU, NSU, TCC, the military who depend on our roadways.

This is a call-out, first, to Hampton Roads, because the tolls are about to be levied on us. However, all of Virginia should pay attention. Why? Because tolls and public-private partnerships have become the choice alternative for future road funding. Chances are the road that you depend on will be the next road to be tolled.

Please sign this petition today to voice your opposition to tolls in Hampton Road.

Recent signatures


    1. Reached 10,000 signatures
    2. Update: Block Tolls in Hampton Roads

      by .

      At the suggestion of others involved, we are upping the signature goal to continue to let our legislators know that we are opposed to tolls and public/private partnerships. Tonight there was a public meeting in Portsmouth with some of our delegates concerning a class action lawsuit. Turnout was very good. For further information and planned events, please:

      1) join the Facebook group "Tidewater Against Unfair Tolls"
      2) Consider making a donation to the Citizens for Accountability in Politics PAC at the link below

      Please continue to share links to the to this and the aforementioned sites.

    3. Decision-maker Thomas K. Norment Jr. responds:

      Thomas K. Norment Jr.

      Thank you for your email regarding transportation funding. I realize that Virginia’s state government needs to develop a long term solution to alleviate the gridlock and inadequate infrastructure that characterize our state’s transportat...

    4. Update: Block Tolls in Hampton Roads

      by .

      If you've signed the petition, please consider going to www.notollshr.org contributing to the Citizens for Accountability in Politics PAC to oppose tolls. Please share this link with everyone you know. Also, you can sign up to the Facebook group Tidewater Against Unfair Tolls to learn about other opportunities for opposing tolls. Thanks for your support

    5. Reached 8,000 signatures
    6. Update: Block Tolls in Hampton Roads

      by .


      Tidewater Against Unfair Tolls is hosting a No Tolls Rally
      Sunday, March 4, 2012 3:00pm until 6:00pm
      Crawford Circle near nTelos Pavilion (16 Crawford Circle)

      Gathering of like-minded citizens in Hampton Roads who are outraged at the burden of nearly 60 years of constantly rising tolls on our region to pay for a tunnel that will benefit the entire state. Mayors and Chairs and representatives from Richmond have been invited to speak.

      Click the link below for updates.

    7. Reached 6,000 signatures
    8. Update: Block Tolls in Hampton Roads

      by .

      Although not quite as exciting as the surge in supporters we got a couple of weeks ago, the number of new supporters has increased steadily over the past week. Please continue to:

      1. Forward this link to your friends
      2. Post this link daily on your social network
      3. Tell your friends
      4. Take a few minutes to write about why this issue is important to you.

      Also, note that the Facebook group "Tidewater Against Unfair Tolls" is organizing a rallies an a PAC in opposition to the tolls (click link below).

    9. Reached 5,000 signatures
    10. Update: Block Tolls in Hampton Roads

      by .

      Hi All,

      I just talked to a supporter who volunteered to pass out flyers to in Portsmouth. He and his wife passed out 500 today to businesses and organizations, and he has committed to pass out more. If anyone else is willing and able to do the same in the other Hampton Roads communities, please drop me a note and e-mail address.

      If you are on social media, please consider posting a link to the petition every day or two to maximize exposure to the petition.


    11. Reached 4,000 signatures
    12. Update: Block Tolls in Hampton Roads

      by .

      Hi All,

      It's been an amazing couple of days - you, the citizens of Hampton Roads and Virginia have taken ownership of this petition, and the numbers keep adding up. Tomorrow, there will be an article int the Virginian-Pilot concerning the petition. Perhaps if there's more press we can get a few of you to act as spokespersons.

      For additional activity on tolls, there is another Facebook group you may be interested in checking out:: Tidewater Against Unfair Tolls

      Thanks for your support.

    13. Reached 1,500 signatures
    14. Update: Block Tolls in Hampton Roads

      by .

      Hi All,
      We are closing in on 200 supporters. Did you know that every time another supporter signs, an email is sent to our state officials asking them to stop tolls in Hampton Roads?

      Please help spread the word through Facebook, Twitter, blogs, email,on-line commentary and conversation. We are aiming at a goal of 10,000 supporters - with your help, that is an achievable number as the population of Hampton Road is approximately 1.7 million people.

      I'd also like to generate conversation how this public-private partnership and the resulting tolls hurt our region economically. Elected officials hear fairness complaints all the time, but I think they are more prone to act on issues that threaten economic vitality. If anyone can help strengthen our cause, please step forward.

      Organize. Activate. Change. Thanks for your support.

    15. Update: Block Tolls in Hampton Roads

      by .

      Hi All,

      I've added Hampton Roads Delegates and Senators, As well as the Portsmouth and Norfolk Officials to the list of recipients of our petition. We're up to 133 supporters - that's a great base, but we need to keep the supporters rolling in. Please make a commitment today to get one other person to sign and show their support.

      I'd also like to hear from small businesses. Tell us in detail how tolls will affect your business.

      Thanks for your support.

    16. Update: Block Tolls in Hampton Roads

      by .

      Hello Supporters,

      Good news - we exceeded 100 supporters today! Many of the folks that I've met who will be affected by these tolls have strong opions about it, but they don't think their voice matters. If we join together, I believe that it will. I'd like to encourage all who can to share this link in your favorite social media. The thing I've had to remind myself of is that messages on social media get overlooked frequently. Talking to folks can be equally effective, and their stories remind me just how important this is to so many in our community. Thanks for you support.

      Organize. Activate, Change!

    17. Reached 100 signatures
    18. Update: Block Tolls in Hampton Roads

      by .

      I had breakfast with a friend and long time social justice activist this morning. Before it was over, a small business owner and a business professor joined in. They were so articulate and compelling on the toll issue. I walked away supercharged and believing that we have incredible potential. Up until today, I left the number of signatures at the change.org default of 100, but after a supporter's suggestion, I'm setting the bar at a number that I believe is achievable and that will carry the appropriate weight. Please keep the message going and share it with your friends. Thanks!

    19. Update: Block Tolls in Hampton Roads

      by .

      Hi All,

      We almost doubled the number of supporters today from 28 to 51. With your help, I'd like to do the same tomorrow. If you can, please:
      1. Forward this link to your friends
      2. Post this link daily on your social network
      3. Tell your friends
      4. Take a few minutes to write about why this issue is important to you. Persuasive arguments and personal anecdotes are welcome.

      I heard from the owner of a small business today. 4 members of his family commute through the tunnel to run their business, and they rely on business from students. The costs to him and his family could be devastating.

      Thanks for your help - let's keep this ball rolling.


    20. Reached 50 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • Christian Culpepper PORTSMOUTH, VA
      • about 1 month ago

      Because I already pay TAXES I will not pay another TOLL

    • Michael Giraud NORFOLK, VA
      • 4 months ago

      because tolls suck man. government is a tick on the tax payers already

    • Sandra Eisner VIRGINIA BEACH, VA
      • 4 months ago

      Because of the 168 toll road I feel like I'm being held hostage and can't see my father in Elizabeth City as much as I'd like. Thankfully I was raised in that area (Great Bridge) and know several ways around it. With the other proposed tolls I will seldom see my kids, grandkids, great-grandkids because none of us can afford the extra outgo. Going around takes extra gas/time that we already can't afford. I'm already stuck spending most of my shopping at the WalMart on Viking Dr. because of travel expense. I'd like to be able to go into other parts of tidewater more not less.

    • Edward McLain CHESAPEAKE, VA
      • 4 months ago

      Taxed enough already

    • Alexander Burford VA BEACH, VA
      • 4 months ago



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