Tell UT laying off Sarah Weddington, the lawyer who successfully argued in Roe v Wade, is not ok.
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Tell UT laying off Sarah Weddington, the lawyer who successfully argued in Roe v Wade, is not ok.

    1. Ashley Hernandez
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      Ashley Hernandez

      Austin, TX

*Update 5/17/2011: We have just received news that Professor Sarah Weddington WILL STAY on at The University of Texas!    

According to The Daily Texan, Sarah Weddington, the internationally esteemed lawyer who successfully argued for reproductive privacy rights in Roe v. Wade, as well serving as a White House Advisor to President Jimmy Carter, the first woman to represent Austin in the Texas Legislature and the first woman to hold the title of General Counsel to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, has been laid off from her position as Adjunct Professor at the University of Texas due to harsh budget cuts. The news is quite a shock, as not only is Ms. Weddington an accomplished and internationally renowned public figure, but also according to the university's school newspaper she is very popular with students, with her classes filling up within hours of registration. Yet, budget cuts are hitting the school hard, and they are taking it out on women like Ms. Weddington and the program she works under, The Center for Women's and Gender studies (CWGS), as the university has informed CWGS that their department alone is facing a 25.9% cut totaling more than $58,000. Why do women like Sarah Weddington, who as an icon for women represents the struggle for equal rights, and programs like women's and gender studies have to bear the brunt of the budget burden?

    In a time when extreme attacks on women's health are mounting, as notes '916 bills aimed at women's health and their right to choose have been proposed in the last four months alone around the country'; this firing seems like another slap in the face to women not only in Texas, but to every woman who because of Sarah Weddington's courage, intelligence, and tenacity can live in a post Roe v. Wade world of reproductive freedom and for their mothers and grandmothers who wished they could.

    Tell the University of Texas it is not ok to lay off Sarah Weddington, as American women and men all over, from all walks of life, value greatly her work and accomplishments with a deep respect and admiration and we hope that the University of Texas will do the same.

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    • Jennifer Gordon WINTER PARK, FL
      • over 3 years ago

      Don't let the Texas Legislature and Republicans in general win in their quest to squelch the "liberal" in Liberal Arts by withholding funding. What a coop for for the religious right it would be to silence the voice of an icon for women's rights that is Sarah Weddington. It will be a sad day for higher education and even sadder for the great University of Texas.

      Jennifer Massengale Gordon

      BSN, 1976

      UT EX Life Member

    • Annabelle Dillard AUSTIN, TX
      • over 3 years ago

      As a UT Austin alumni, I am saddened to learn that my alma mater does not appear to value the significant contributions made by Sarah Weddington. UT, please reconsider!

    • James Bridges AUSTIN, TX
      • over 3 years ago

      What is next? Are we getting to be a truly one party state? I visited one of those in 2009. It is called the Peoples Republic of China. Seems pretty fishy that one of the first to go when somebody wants to save a nickle is not in lockstep with our Governor for Life.......Hmmmm.

    • C W AUSTIN, TX
      • over 3 years ago

      For UT to lay off the most singularly successful lawyer who argued the most significant case in modern history affecting millions of women's rights is beyond a travesty! I urge you to reconsider this decision.

    • Jessica Dobias CHICAGO, IL
      • over 3 years ago

      Dr. Weddington was my professor and wrote my faculty letter of recommendation to law school and now she's being laid off? I am graduating this year from law school and was about to get ready to take my place in Austin at a big company doing Information Technology and Privacy law. My first thought was: give back to the University of Texas and my law school. Now I am seriously questioning supporting a school that places so little value in amazing professors, like Dr. Weddington. Dr. Weddington is an inspiring world-renown leader and the fact that UT doesn't recognize her value is shameful. There goes my money along with my support. Please stop sending me requests for donations, I'd rather spend my money where it counts.


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