Tell Urban Outfitters To Pull Sexist T-Shirts!
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Tell Urban Outfitters To Pull Sexist T-Shirts!

    1. Sarah  Menkedick
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      Sarah Menkedick

      Pittsburgh, PA, Mexico

The latest insult from Urban Outfitters isn't a board game of ghetto stereotypes, or a racist Halloween costume, or a charming hipster tee that reads "Poverty Sucks" - it's a wearable ad for eating disorders. The V-neck t-shirt urges "Eat Less," a slogan young girls in the U.S most definitely need, on top of all the overwhelming pressure to be thin that results in soaring rates of anorexia, bulimia, and disordered eating. There's another lovely shirt that says, ""Fathers, it's up to you to protect your daughter's virginity!" Because in 2010, a woman's worth is still dependent on her virginity, and still controlled by her dad.

Enough is enough from this company - tell Urban Outfitters President Richard Hayne to pull these inane products and stop producing sexist, racist, degrading clothing.

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      Alex DiBranco
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      Feminist activist Shelby Knox has launched a girlcott of Urban Outfitters, saying the company is producing sexist and degrading clothing.  Knox cites two T-shirts in particular, one that reads "Eat Less" (a healthy slogan in a country in which 65%...


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