Tell University Of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension Shooting Cats is Not Humane
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Tell University Of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension Shooting Cats is Not Humane

    1. Ledy VanKavage
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      Ledy VanKavage

      Collinsville, IL

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension has published a document entitled: Feral Cats and Their Management. Instead of embracing humane measures that work, Scott Hygnstrom, vertebrate pest specialist, Stephen Vantasssel, wildlife damage project coordinator, and Aaron Hildreth, project technician published a "how to" guide for killing cats. Their statements are not supported by the existing academic literature or experiences of municipalities across the country.

The bottom line is that the University of Nebraska should not be advocating shooting cats. Cats are pets, not pests as the University contends. In many states, killing cats is considered aggravated cruelty and is a felony.

Please let the University know that pet lovers across the country are outraged by the pseudoscience involved in this report. 

Ask the University to retract the report and remove it from their website.

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    1. University of Nebraska-Lincoln Report Advocates Shooting Cats

      Stephanie Feldstein
      Petition Organizer

      It's been years since I got my bachelor's of science in zoology, but even now that I'm a lawyer, I still can spot scientific propaganda, and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension Service's publication, Feral Cats and Their Management (pdf),...


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