Tell Toronto City Council to Support Diversity and Pride Toronto
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Tell Toronto City Council to Support Diversity and Pride Toronto

    1. Michael Bach
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      Michael Bach

      Toronto, Canada

Pride Toronto is a signature event in Toronto's cultural calendar. It signals to the world that Toronto is a leader in the recognition of the importance of diversity. It is also a premiere celebration that draws hundreds of thousands of visitors and contributes tens of millions of dollars to the local economy.

Notable benefits for Toronto included $41.7 million spent by local residents, the equivalent of over 600 year-round full-time jobs in Toronto, and a contribution of $29.7 million to Toronto’s GDP.  According to the 2009 Economic Impact study conducted by Enigma Research Corporation, Toronto’s hospitality sector enjoyed tremendous benefits, with $12 million spent at Toronto hotels and $33 million at restaurants and bars across the city.  More on the economic impact can be found here: Link

This year, Mayor Rob Ford and his ‘inner circle’ of city councilors are going to war with Pride Toronto by attempting to cut off all public funding to the festival. 

Worse, the right wing media has joined in the fight.  Sue-Ann Levy, a writer for the Toronto Sun and MEMBER OF THE LGBT COMMUNITY, sent out this email calling on the Mayor and Council to rescind funding: Link

Pride Toronto will not permit hate speech in this year's Parade. They have adopted the same rule as the City uses to ban hate speech, and have created a new system to enforce that ban.

We believe that cutting Pride Toronto support is a strong indicator of future cuts to LGBT organizations, HIV/AIDS organizations and arts & culture events across the City.  Such cuts could affect thousands of jobs and even more lives.

It’s time to STAND UP and FIGHT.  Our community needs Pride and the city that reaps the benefits of the event should also be paying for the event. 

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    • Alyssa Paquin BARRIE, CANADA
      • over 3 years ago

      Support <3

    • Suzanne M. Ritter BOARDMAN, OH
      • over 3 years ago

      I hope and pray that we can count on you to help stop this horrible HATE SPREADING CRIME and help educate people on the truth regarding human sexuality. Jesus spoke of teaching LOVE NOT HATE! Unless we start telling the truth about HUMAN SEXUALITY, you're children, grandchildren etc. could be that child(s) that commits suicide due to our prejudice and intolerance just because we didn't fight hard enough to tell the truth!

      The facts are that at least 10% of the world's population is L/G/B/T and doesn't include those who are not out of the closet. So, until everyone feels safe enough to come out of the closet, we don't know how many people world wide are being killed due to lack of education regarding human sexuality, hate, and intolerance! There are TAX-EXEMPT Christin Fundamentalists, who have, and continue to, go to Africa spreading HATE TOWARD L/G/B/T! KILLINGS, in the name of JESUS CHRIST, ARE TAKING PLACE DAILY, DUE TO THIS PREACHING OF HATE! This is just one place on this planet that KILLINGS of L/G/B/T are taking place daily! Every where on the planet this is happening! It doesn't matter if they are Christian or not! How can we as CHRISTIANS stand on the side lines and say nothing to stop this from happening? They have obviously not gotten the message from us in America, because they continue to do it here also, even at Military funerals when their families are in such great pain already! Will your child/grandchild be one of them who they kill? Or will you stand with us and tell them they can't kill another child? We will continue to pray that one day our planet will be as Jesus taught us to be - Loving and kind to everyone!

      • over 3 years ago

      Rob Ford's right wing bigotry was predictable and this comes as no surprise. Shameful that the people of Toronto could vote such a disgusting man as this as Mayor. Stay tuned for more of the same at the Federal level. These people hate us and will stop at nothing to make our lives miserable. Stop them.

    • Angela Besharah TORONTO, CANADA
      • over 3 years ago

      move forward not back.

    • Tyson Vickers TORONTO, CANADA
      • over 3 years ago

      Never been to Pride, and don't plan on attending in the future -- it's just not my thing. However, that's no reason to destroy someone else's fun, especially in the name of saving me a few measly tax dollars. It's peanuts, not gravy, so quit being jerks and continue to fund Pride!


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