Tell the USDA to Stop Marketing Fast Food Cheese
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Tell the USDA to Stop Marketing Fast Food Cheese

    1. Jean Stevens
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      Jean Stevens

      NY, NY

A little-known organization within the USDA's marketing department, Dairy Management, has been shamelessly scheming up ways to get Americans to eat more cheese even as the USDA itself funds projects to reduce obesity. These projects tell Americans to eat less saturated fat and fewer calories (i.e. less cheese).

According to an investigation by the New York Times, for the past several years, Dairy Management has teamed up with a handful of fast food restaurants to help them develop and market more cheese products, from cheese-laden burgers to pizza and more. This partnership led to millions in profit for the businesses, millions of pounds of cheese sold, and Americans convinced to consume insane amounts of cheese at their health's expense. It's a shameless, hypocritical blow to any government-led effort to reduce obesity and improve access to fresh, nutritious foods.

Tell the USDA to cut its Dairy Management arm and truly commit to healthy food initiatives.

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