Tell the Tennessee House to Vote No on the Voter Suppression Act (HB0007)
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Tell the Tennessee House to Vote No on the Voter Suppression Act (HB0007)

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The progress of Tennessee’s Voter Suppression Act has slowed in recent weeks, but HB0007 will be back on the agenda of the House General Sub-committee of State and Local Government  on Wednesday, March 23.

HB0007 will require Tennessee citizens to present photo identification before voting in elections. Such a provision may sound reasonable, but for many voters presenting a photo ID at the polls is a challenge.

The proposed bill will create extra hassles for many citizens without a photo ID when voting, including people who are poor, elderly, transgender or those who have religious objections to being photographed. HB0007 will force people to file an indigency oath before voting to exempt them from the photo ID requirement.

This legislation is particularly onerous for transgender citizens in Tennessee since they cannot legally amend their gender on their birth certificate. Election officials may wrongfully accuse transgender citizens of voter fraud should their photo ID not match the gender on their ID (which is based on the birth certificate).

Studies clearly show little evidence of any organized voter fraud, nor evidence that photo ID laws would prevent fraud. Voter turnout is already low in Tennessee. We don’t need a process that intimidates and humiliates voters into staying home from the polls in Tennessee elections.

Requiring photo ID creates a poll tax reminiscent of Jim Crow days in the South. Aren’t we past disenfranchising voters in the South?

Tell the House State & Local Government Committee to vote against HB0007.

If you live in Tennessee, send a message through this petition to tell members of the House General Sub-Committee of State and Local Government to vote no on HB0007. Then share this petition with your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter and email. 

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