Tell the Supreme Court: Stop Insurance Company Abuses and Uphold the Affordable Care Act
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Supreme Court of the United States

Tell the Supreme Court: Stop Insurance Company Abuses and Uphold the Affordable Care Act

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      Consumers Union of United States

You’ve heard them before – opponents of the new health care law shouting falsehoods about "death panels" and "sending grandma to an early grave."

You’ll soon hear them again as the Supreme Court debates the health care law later this month. But how will our leaders hear from the rest of us who are sick of skyrocketing insurance premiums, coverage denials, and rejections for pre-existing conditions?

That’s where you come in. Consumers Union is holding a virtual rally on the Court steps to support our new rights under that law that stop these insurance company abuses and improve our benefits. And you can join them, virtually.

Just sign this petition by March 21 to add your name to their huge banner. On March 27th, Consumers Union will unfurl it to show that Americans like you want to hold insurance companies accountable!

Supreme Court of the United States
I stand with the Consumers Union when I say that you should stop insurance company abuses and uphold the Affordable Care Act.

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    • Sacha Ramu WICHITA, KS
      • over 2 years ago

      I can't afford health insurance for myself and my 1 year old son because I'm self-employed and have an auto-immune disorder that is considered a preexisting condition. In my state a 3 person household (my husband, me and my son) that makes more than $6000.00 a year is ineligible for healthwave coverage. The State high-risk pool has a premium of over $700.00 a month with $1500.00 deductible just to cover 1 person. My son is ineligible for healthwave himself because he has a parent that is eligible for he state pool. My husband has V.A. coverage from serving in the Army in the Gulf War but since he is not a disabled veteran he receives no benefits for his family. This law would allow me to receive the health insurance my son and I need.

    • Traci Gordon STUDIO CITY, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      Everyone needs affordable health care options.

      • over 2 years ago

      Don't you dare repeal this law. If it's repealed I think there should be an investigation of the court justices that repealed it. How dare them. They are not for this country. They are for the cronies that put them in their positions. They are doing more harm to our country than good.


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