Tell the State House to stop interfering in local government contracts in Tennessee!
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Tell the State House to stop interfering in local government contracts in Tennessee!

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Radical lawmakers are trying to impose BIG government “solutions” on local communities and give contractors special rights to discriminate against their workers. 

As introduced, the “Special Access to Discriminate” Act (HB0598) would prohibit local governments from enacting non-discrimination provisions for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees of government contractors. HB0598 would overturn the Contractor Accountability Non-Discrimination Ordinance in Nashville Metro Council that would establish LGBT-inclusive workplace protections for employees of government contractors and is very close to passing on the third reading. HB0598 will also prohibit local governments from enacting fair wage laws and other workplace benefits for employees of government contractors.

Local municipal, county and school board governments don’t need State Government micromanagement and interference in their contractual affairs.

Currently, municipal, county and school board governments in Tennessee are free to enter into voluntary contracts with expectations for workplace equality, living wages and other benefits for workers. Such contract provisions demonstrate that local communities value equality, inclusion and fair wages. Local governments that embrace these virtues make their communities more attractive to workers, entrepreneurs and businesses who want to live and work in these communities.

The bill sets a bad precedent of interfering in the contracting process of local governments.  Local governments need the ability to set conditions for the use of taxpayer funds based on community needs and values.  This bill undercuts that process. 

On March 2, the House General Subcommittee of Commerce reviewed HB0598 for the first time, but agreed to the sponsor's request to defer the bill until Wednesday, March 16. Help stop this bill from becoming law.


Tell the House General Subcommittee of Commerce to vote no on HB0598!



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    • William Weems NASHVILLE, TN
      • over 3 years ago

      The attempt to prevent local governments from participating in discriminatory transaction favors big government over local government; marks Tennessee as not hospitable; negatively impacts corporate recruitment; and is against the tide of history. Tennessee competes with cities that already have non-discrimination policies in place an in those places no negative effects have been observed. Please get on to something more important than encouraging discrimination.

      Thank you.

    • Linda Ramsey NASHVILLE, TN
      • over 3 years ago

      I am strongly opposed to state-ordered institutionalized prejudice against workers of certain types, whether it be discrimination due to gender or gender of one's love partner. The Tennessee legislature should not prohibit a city from enacting a decision about city contracts.

    • Kurt Steinbach MEMPHIS, TN
      • over 3 years ago

      Freedom and equlity such as equal protection should be for everyone, and not just for those you like or agree with. please eliminate all discrimination in Tennessee; it's embarrassing.

    • Terri Weaver MEMPHIS, TN
      • over 3 years ago

      I am utterly ashamed that the lawmakers of TN would even pen a law called the "Special Access to Discriminate Act" in the first place and completely furious that those who were elected on the promise of smaller government and LESS government control are acting in such an over-reaching way. The municipalities of the great state of Tennessee have the right and authority to enact whatever workplace protections the citizens of those communities request and the state's interference is not welcome! I will be watching carefully and voting accordingly. Do not pass HB0598. It is bad law and it is bad for Tennessee.

    • Vincent Astor MEMPHIS, TN
      • over 3 years ago

      I fail to understand why state government feels obligated to intervene in local issues without being asked. My freedoms are being challenged by the big government so decried by majority party members in the Tennessee House. I will seek to change this majority.


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