Tell the MLB to change the place - not the face - of the 2011 All-Star Game!
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Tell the MLB to change the place - not the face - of the 2011 All-Star Game!

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      National Council of La Raza

I'm sure you've heard all about Arizona's new anti-immigrant law, SB 1070.  About how it essentially sanctions racial profiling as accepted police practice to address immigration issues.  About how it will make Latinos suspect in their own communities, regardless of their immigration status.  About how it goes against our nation's most deeply held principles of justice and equality.  And about how it will open the door to discrimination for many of our favorite celebrities and athletes who find themselves in Arizona.

As you may also know, the 2011 Major League Baseball (MLB) All-Star Game is currently scheduled to take place in Arizona.  What you may not know is that more than one in four MLB players are Latino, which means that SB 1070 puts hundreds of players, not to mention their families and fans, at risk.  We must ask MLB to stand up for the Latino players and fans that support baseball and pull the 2011 All-Star Game from Arizona!

After you sign the petition, check out our latest PSA and help us get it played in Times Square!!

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