Tell the Jewish Standard to Print Same-Sex Wedding Announcements
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Tell the Jewish Standard to Print Same-Sex Wedding Announcements

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The Jewish Standard made history last week, becoming one of the few religious publications in the country to publish same-sex wedding announcements.

But after one week, the publication has decided to backtrack on their decision, and even went so far to apologize to readers who were upset at the appearance of a same-sex couple in their pages.

"A group of rabbis has reached out to us and conveyed the deep sensitivities within the traditional/Orthodox community to this issue. Our subsequent discussions with representatives from that community have made us aware that publication of the [same-sex wedding] announcement caused pain and consternation, and we apologize for any pain we may have caused."

The publication goes on to note that they will not run same-sex wedding announcements in the future.

This is disheartenign. A quick read of the comments here shows that a number of readers found the publication of a same-sex wedding announcement to be something to celebrate, and a sign that the publication was trying to represent the diversity of views in Judaism.  But instead of celebrating inclusion, and honoring that diversity, the Jewish Standard is going to instead listen to a faction that doesn't represent the breadth and depth of their readership. That's sad.

Send The Jewish Standard a message that they made the right decision in publishing same-sex wedding announcements, and they shouldn't backtrack. To do so renders their LGBT readers, as well as straight allies, invisible. And that's unacceptable.

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