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Tell the FDA to Return Dr. Carpenter's Lasers and Other Seized Property Immediately!

    1. Dr. Antonella  Carpenter
    2. Petition by

      Dr. Antonella Carpenter

      Broken Arrow, OK

This is a continuation of the original petition, which was to stop a writ of execution against Dr. Carpenter. 

On July 11, 2012, Dr. Carpenter's Lase Med Inc. clinic was raided by eight uniformed officers for the FDA, who claimed to be acting on complaints instigated by three people. The wording in these "complaints" were vertabim copies of wording used over a three year period by three bloggers we now know as disinformants, the most prolific of whom was a Georgia woman recruited by an Arkansas attorney in 2010, to publicize a lawsuit filed against Carpenter, and to seek out and persuade former Carpenter patients to make complaints about her. This person's slanderous and misleading articles about  Dr. Carpenter have been on the web for over three years, and mainstream news articles about Carpenter have featured excerpts from her once-viral anti-Carpenter videos, including verbatim phrases found also in the news stories and the FDA warrant, such as complaints that she was "selling false hope" and "preying on the desperate." This same disinformant has spent years stalking former Carpenter patients via web forums, email, and telephone, trying to convince them they were harmed by Carpenter. This same person has also stalked Dr. Carpenter's staff, both online and by seeking out home addresses and phone numbers of neighbors, in order to create neighborhood disturbances and destruction of private property. We have sufficient reason to believe, based on hundreds of pages of internet postings by this woman encouraging people to "file complaints,"  that the other complaints which were made to FDA are also the result of this same woman's "networking" efforts. Even though FDA  staged the raid based on three complaints, they never spoke with any of Dr. Carpenter's successful patients (some of whose comments appear below) before coming to take everything.

The above-mentioned agitator, one Michelle Wolven, is connected to a former Carpenter patient, whose exaggerated story was told by her widowed husband as a key witness in the aforementioned Federal Case against Carpenter (case is discussed in original petition text below). The exaggerations of the widowed husband, and those of the public disinformant (stalker), focused on key elements of the patient's history that were purposely omitted in order to demonize Dr. Carpenter, most importantly, a second form of cancer the patient had which was never treated by Carpenter and never mentioned in the media. As mentioned before, none of Dr. Carpenter's defense witnesses were allowed to be heard by the jury, a jury picked by only one side of the case. The same disinformant (now using the screen name "shutdownlasemedinc" in numerous places on the web) has a long history of being a "spectacle demonstrator," going back to the 1990's, and is on public record as having filed many false complaints against law abiding citizens and dragging them into court, in the course of her extreme aggression to impose her will on others, only to admit in court that the accusations were lies.

The allegations being “investigated” by FDA include “reason to believe” that Dr. Carpenter was manufacturing and selling a DRUG, that this DRUG was being somehow adulterated and / or mislabeled, and that she was in possession of “adulterated medical devices” which she was allegedly selling, none of which were the case, and allegations of wire fraud that she was marketing a fraudulent cancer therapy, with no evidence whatsoever to prove that the therapy was fraudulent.

The mixture that the FDA are classifying as a DRUG is actually a combination of two FDA-approved liquids which have been available for decades: saline solution and FOOD COLORING. The cited MANUFACTURE OF DRUGS is actually the mixing of the two together. A DRUG is defined as a non-food product that produces a physiological change. The only change that this mixture by itself produces is A COLOR CHANGE. The color change enhances the heat absorption of the laser light and allows the stained area to reach higher temperature than the surrounding healthy tissue, which does not retain the stain.


The devices which were taken consist of an array of LOW POWER LASERS, bundled to produce a WIDER BEAM, NOT A STRONGER ONE,  which by themselves do nothing but produce a mild warmth, and only when used in combination with the stain can bring the treated area to the temperature sufficient to kill the cancer cells. This approach to treating cancer, a DRUG-FREE version of PHOTO DYNAMIC THERAPY, has been copied by many university research hospitals with positive results since Carpenter's methodology was patented in 2000. The "copycat" researchers however are using potentially toxic nanotech compounds instead of color stain.

The raid was set up by entrapment, via a ruse spanning several months, for a fictitious "new patient" who never existed. The "appointment" was rescheduled several times following the initial consultation with a person claiming to be the patient's "nephew." At the scheduled time of the confirmed "appointment," the FDA officers entered the office and began taking things: Dr. Carpenter's LASER devices, her photoenhancer solution used in the treatment process, data extraction on all the computers, patient records, employee records, and the entire contents of the safe in the office (for which her office manager was ordered to hand over the combination.)

Now Dr. Carpenter cannot perform her treatments, patient appointments must be cancelled and some may die as a result, as this was their last hope. Dr. Carpenter's rent and expense money was in the safe and now that is gone as well.

Dr. Carpenter has been rendered bereft and unable to make a living now, all because she offers an effective treatment for certain types of cancer which does not involve deadly poisons and cancer-causing radiation, and because the FDA must protect the bottom line of the pharmaceutical interests that control them.

This is an absolute outrage and should not be tolerated by the American public.

Dr. Carpenter's property must be returned.


Original Petition:

United States District Court, Northern District of Oklahoma:

Stop the writ of execution for Case No. 11-MC-30-GKF against Dr. Carpenter

The judgment was issued during an illegal trial, which violated the 14th amendment and the Code of Civil Procedure, in a Court without jurisdiction over the defendants. The trial was carried out in absence of the defendants, instead of going into default judgment. Defense had presented 12 witnesses, all former patients; all but four of them were disqualified for ridiculous reasons having to do with their states of residence; these four remaining witnesses were finally presented, one of them a medical doctor who had been treated for breast cancer. The four were sworn in and depositions were taken. All defense witness testimony was officially excluded from the trial, on grounds that the testimony could "prejudice a jury."
The award to the plaintiff was absurd (400 times her expenses for treatment), instead of being limited to the default amount, by a jury selected only by the plaintiff's attorney, under a non neutral judge. The plaintiff in this case had sued Dr. Carpenter over a cancer treatment she claimed did not work, although according to suppressed evidence, it actually had saved her life.
It is important for every citizen of this Country to have this case blocked and the truth brought to public attention, because it would otherwise set a precedent that our Constitution can be violated at will and no one is really protected under the law, as if this Country were a dictatorship.
This case was motivated by malice and intended to ruin the main defendant, so she would be rendered incapable of supporting herself, of working, and continuing to help patients who wish to receive her treatment.

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    1. Petition Data Taken in as Evidence.

      Dr. Antonella  Carpenter
      Petition Organizer

      (Post written by Randy Simmons, Dr. Carpenter's former webmaster- media asst.)

      To everyone who has supported Dr. Carpenter's cause:

      First I have to express my deepest appreciation to all of you who have signed and those who have shared your comments. Dr. Carpenter's clinic was shut down over two years ago, and even though life had to go on, I still consider the work I did for Dr. C. to be the most important work I have ever done, not to mention a huge growth experience.

      In May and June of 2014, Dr. Carpenter had come to our house in Oklahoma for an extended visit. During the weeks she was with us, a neighbor with a history of networking with certain key "players" against her (and us), who almost three years prior had come to my door with paper copies of a Facebook page for Dr. Carpenter's web radio show, "The Medical Conspiracy," waving it in my face and repeating that we "had no right to say the things we say," with a witness recording the whole exchange, as he tried to provoke me to violence, now stood in his driveway up the road, facing us with his cell phone, talking to someone and probably sending a picture of Dr. Carpenter, who happened to be standing in our driveway at the time.

      Weeks later in July of 2014 I was at home after work, when FDA Agt Jeremy Bain, the one and only, the very agent who led the raid ending Dr. Carpenter's healing career, who I only knew by name (and business card) since I had never met him in person, showed up at our door in a generic blue police flack vest, never showing a badge nor identifying himself (until I asked near the end of conversation) with two subpoenas, for my wife Wendy and for myself, to be questioned on August 11 by the now-almost-two-year-old Grand Jury to answer questions about our involvement in Dr. Carpenter's "cancer cure fraud scam."

      During the questioning, two US Attorneys, with the assistance of a 23-person Grand Jury, tried their best to suggest, among other things, that I did media work for her "despite knowing her treatment did not work," and that the above mentioned radio show was in fact a tool used to "lure victims into her fake cancer cure scheme." ALL that I had ever heard about Dr. Carpenter's laser treatment (LIESH) had been good feedback prior to the launch of the Court-controlled negative PR campaign against her that started in 2009, which was proven beyond a doubt to be connected to the AR attorney who was suing her. (When three internet trolls, on the same day that Dr. Carpenter is being "privately" questioned, post random comments on anti-Carpenter web forums, citing topics straight out of her deposition, and timestamped at the exact time the court took recess, topics which they had no other way of knowing unless having the info fed to them via mobile device, there is most probably a connection.) Until this campaign started up, all I heard was positive. I was the one who uploaded new entries to her Testimonials page every week or two,
      from people all over the planet... comments that we've been accused repeatedly of "making up."

      During one of my answers to one of the questions, growing increasingly more sick of their attempts to "steer the conversation," I picked up and began reading some of the comments left on THIS page. I had printed up 17 pages of comments from this petition, as well as Vince Easley's petition here http://www.change.org/p/governor-mary-fallin-oklahoma-stop-the-federal-proceedings-against-dr-antonella-carpenter

      I don't remember exactly how many I read to the Jury, somewhere around ten or twelve of them, but I said more than once that "this paper in my hand" is seventeen pages of comments from a secure website that we could not fabricate, labeled with web addresses for them to check if they wished.

      YOUR comments left on this petition and the other one, have now been admitted and marked as evidence by the Jury.

      The targets of our petition email notifications had blocked us seven or eight times in a row since the creation of this petition. As we speak, there is a notification at the top of the page saying "We don't have any contact information to deliver your petition to its recipient. If you include the petition recipient's email, we’ll notify them when people sign your petition," due to ALL of the target email addresses having blocked us... one after the other. The PTB (powers that be) do not want to hear what YOU have to say about this. Former patients who sent direct letters to the same US Attorneys who questioned us, were completely ignored.


      I know a little over 300 is not a great number of signatures, but we don't have many people spreading links either. With a handful of exceptions, the alternative media in general have ignored her story because she doesn't kill cancer with herbs, MMJ oil, or nutritional supplements (the bread and butter advertisers of most alternative media), nor does she advocate many of them. Dr. Carpenter's black-sheep status among alternative media outlets has cascaded downward from Alex Jones, who openly made disparaging remarks about her treatment during his show, as he came back on air following a paid advertisement of her clinic in 2008, on the Genesis Communications Network (GCN). The mainstream media, in the pocket of pharma lobbies, and obliged to protect the billions of advertising dollars invested in their industry by drug companies, have depicted her as a fraud without question. I wanted everyone who has signed to know that despite all the blocking of emails to dot-gov email addresses from this page on Change.org, this petition has still made a difference, and the Grand Jury are reading your comments.

      Please continue to share if you can.

      Thank you again.

      -Randy Simmons

      Lase Med Inc: Testimonials

      Testimonials (Click Below For Video Testimonials.) The names of patients giving the following testimonials have been edited to protect their privacy, as required by HIPAA Regulations. No contact information for our patients will be given to the public. Most recent entries are at the top.

    2. Dr. Carpenter adds official "closing statements" to her website.

      Dr. Antonella  Carpenter
      Petition Organizer

      (From the homepage of http://lasemedinc.com .)


      We would like to inform former patients, as well as the general public, that shortly after the infamous FDA raid on July 11, 2012, LASE MED Inc. has gone out of business, unable to operate and pay the corporation dues to the State of Nevada, for lack of funds.

      In spite of our great efforts, we have not been able to fulfill our goal to provide in this Country a simple and effective solution to cancer. This failure is not due to any inadequacy of our technology, but to the refusal by the part of the AMA, assisted by the FDA, to even investigate our claims with appropriate verification testing. Apparently, controlling authorities have not progressed much with their actions since the days of the Catholic Inquisition vs. Galileo.

      We have no idea how much time will pass and how many more people will unnecessarily suffer and die before the undeniable scientific validity of our LIESH Therapy is recognized. If a Federal Agency like the FDA is allowed to harass, torment and threaten ordinary citizens, who are merely trying to make a living by honestly helping the public, the outlook for a better future in health care is very bleak.

      The FDA not only acted on the complaint of one clueless individual to attack and destroy a threat to the pharmaceutical industry, but it also continued and is now still allowed to torment the former members of LASE MED, Inc., who are currently struggling to pay their bills and survive.

      Oklahoma is chronologically the first and one of the eight States offering Safe Harbor to alternative practitioners and healers. Consequently, the FDA had no authority to raid an organization not utilizing drugs nor manufacturing medical devices. For this reason, the FDA, through the actions of one Jeremy Bain (trained as a spy, not a scientist), lied about LMI’s business activities in order to obtain a Warrant to raid this Corporation and steal its property and resources.

      Even though the action was labeled “confiscation of illegal equipment and funds,” as if LMI were an illegal drug smuggling operation, the action was nothing more than theft of personal property and funds, since it was done under false accusations.

      LMI operated in Oklahoma a legal alternative medicine treatment center, utilizing light to heal people without prescription or illegal drugs; because logic tells you that water, salt and food coloring are not drugs, in spite of what FDA has been trying to claim.

      However, the main charge against LMI and its President introduced by the FDA is “fraud”, implying that LMI fraudulently claimed to be able to heal cancer. Again, the charge was made over one (1) complaint, while completely ignoring all the letters they received from former patients, now free of cancer. How can it be fraud if it worked for patients who had the treatment and followed the post-treatment guidelines?

      This is the reality of the present situation:

      The former staff of LMI are now struggling to keep a roof over their heads and survive, including Dr. Carpenter, who by now should have been able to enjoy the fruits of her many years of labor.

      Even worse, the citizens of this Country are forced to accept the horrors of the status quo in cancer treatment, while a simple, trouble-free and side-effect free cure exists. Yet, this option will be buried and forgotten, as other valid alternative treatments have over the years, thanks to the FDA.

      Unfortunately, we must conclude that it is preferable for our government to deprive the world of better alternative solutions to a devastating medical condition, than to admit that the AMA has failed its patients and that large pharmaceutical corporations must give up their insane profits from cancer drugs.


      This website will remain live for informational and educational purposes for as long as it is possible.

      Laser Cancer Treatment, Skin, Breast, PDT, Hyperthermia, Photodynamic Therapy, Alternative Cancer Treatment

      Non-invasive cancer treatments can kill cancer in its tracks. Cutting edge laser cancer treatment, breast cancer and skin, testicular, topical and Squamous cell carcinoma treatment with Dr. Antonella Carpenter at Lase Med Inc. Non-invasive cancer treatment to treat Melanoma and Basal Cell Carcinoma, stop and kill cancer now.


      Dr. Antonella  Carpenter
      Petition Organizer

      Please go here and sign the new petition to Mary Fallin, Governor of Oklahoma, to stop the Federal proceedings against Dr. Carpenter.


      Governor Mary Fallin, Oklahoma State Capital: Stop the Federal Proceedings against Dr. Antonella Carpenter.

      Accused of fraud, for successfully treating cancer without pharmaceutical drugs or cancer causing radiation. In the name of justice, STOP the proceedings against Dr. Carpenter. She is a physicist working as a holistic healer, using only natural elements and methods to treat cancer. She has been operating in Oklahoma since Jan.

    4. Dr. Carpenter Now under Federal Grand Jury Investigation

      Dr. Antonella  Carpenter
      Petition Organizer

      We would like to extend our deepest gratitude for your support. However, the fight is far from over. We need each and every one of you to please share this petition and bring more awareness to the events which have now unfolded. In recent weeks Dr. Carpenter has been targeted by a Federal Grand Jury investigation, at the behest of FDA, to bring her up on criminal charges of mail fraud and wire fraud (both were listed in the affidavit of the July raid).

      Dr. Carpenter suspects these charges may be related to the content of the info packet sent to future patients, and possibly that of the lasemedinc website. During the raid, FDA agents were heard saying that the stories on the Testimonials.html page of the site were "fictitious."

      Deadline for evidence is Mar 1, 2013. Please help by contacting the prosecuting attorney in this case.

      Danny C. Williams
      His assistant is: Ryan L Souders


      110 W 7th , Suite 300
      Tulsa, OK 74119-1013

      Laser Cancer Treatment, Skin, Breast, PDT, Hyperthermia, Photodynamic Therapy, Alternative Cancer Treatment

      Non-invasive cancer treatments can kill cancer in its tracks. Cutting edge laser cancer treatment, breast cancer and skin, testicular, topical and Squamous cell carcinoma treatment with Dr. Antonella Carpenter at Lase Med Inc. Non-invasive cancer treatment to treat Melanoma and Basal Cell Carcinoma, stop and kill cancer now.

    5. Reached 250 signatures
    6. F.D.A. Blocking Emails from Change.org.

      Dr. Antonella  Carpenter
      Petition Organizer

      Yes, you read that correctly. When a petition is created on Change.org, the creator of the petition must provide a "petition target" email address to Change.org.

      The first target of this petition was the email address printed on the business card which was handed to Dr. Carpenter during the raid, the email address of the FDA "Special" Agent who led the raid. Within a few weeks we were notified by Change.org that their emails had bounced.

      We then did an internet search for the Mission, KS, FDA Field Office where this agent is stationed, and were able to find one contact email address. We changed the target email. Two weeks later we were notified by Change.org that THIS email had bounced.

      We then changed the target again, to Margaret Hamburg, Commissioner of the FDA. We were notified in less than a week that THIS email had also bounced.


      Thank you and please keep sharing. We will send hard copies via certified mail.

    7. YouTube link: "I Kill Tumors, Not Patients!" Interview with Vinny Eastwood.

      Dr. Antonella  Carpenter
      Petition Organizer

      Dr. Carpenter is guest on New Zealand's "The Vinny Eastwood Show," August 27, 2012.
      <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7FkRC8jU2Hs">Video Link</a>

    8. Eviction!

      Dr. Antonella  Carpenter
      Petition Organizer

      Due to the actions of the FDA in taking Dr. Carpenter's means of support along with all the money she had to her name last month, she is being evicted from her home this week. She has until this weekend to vacate.

      Think about that. This person who has SAVED PEOPLE'S LIVES (read the comment section), saved hundreds from the tortures of barbaric cancer "treatments," with an often-maligned but completely safe drug-free laser therapy that kills cancer in its tracks, with no side effects other than healing inflammation, has now been completely destroyed by the powers that own our government, in order to keep the PEOPLE YOU LOVE ignorant and enslaved, and to keep Dr. Carpenter helpless to do anything about it. Please share this petition and help raise awareness of what the criminals who run this country are willing to do to protect their investments.


      Dr. Antonella  Carpenter
      Petition Organizer

      Dr. Carpenter is guest on Howard Nema's "Truth Talk News," debunking the various lies and misrepresentations of the 28 page affidavit presented to the OK judge for permission to raid her facility. The affidavit is here:


      This document was provided to the mainstream news media to sensationalize the story and legitimize the raid, but it was not given to Dr. Carpenter.

    10. Reached 100 signatures

      Dr. Antonella  Carpenter
      Petition Organizer

      This is the set of videos that was so violently opposed by Dr. Carpenter's enemies and their minions. In fact the first legal action filed, to take away Dr. Carpenter's property, was filed by the Court TWO DAYS after the first upload of "Part 1" in this series. The reason: the official black and white EVIDENCE shown in the videos, EVIDENCE that was not allowed to be presented in Court.
      The seizure of Carpenter's property was a CRIMINAL ACT intended to silence the TRUTH and to neutralize her.


      Dr. Antonella  Carpenter
      Petition Organizer

      Dr. Carpenter has been invited to several different radio shows to discuss what happened to her. This playlist will expand as she makes more appearances.

    13. Reached 50 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • Normand Rivard LIMOGES, CANADA
      • 2 months ago

      She saved my wife's life

    • Karen Wagner NORTH OLMSTED, OH
      • 5 months ago


      has cancer

    • Mark Waters YELM, WA
      • 12 months ago

      Dr Carpenter completely cured my wife's cancer 8 years ago with her laser treatment with zero side effects. This treatment works!!!

      • over 1 year ago

      Because the FDA is persecuting those who are furthering medical progress, and that is plain evil.

    • shatrece buchanan HINESVILLE, GA
      • almost 2 years ago

      I am a retired Colonel US retired war veteran 4-time breast cancer patient. I'm struggling with an aggressive tumor in my right breast. i've gone through the mainstream surgeries, chemo, mascectomy to no no avail. Stop suppressing the patients option to choose treatments that save lives. Also, stop this medical terrorism on the women in this country....we are wives, mothers and leaders in the community. If you continue to be led by greed in a system that refuses to allow the best treatment and safeest treatment, you will not only live in a nation devoid of the most important person in a family unit...without a woman..you will not have a family. Do what's right and allow this effective technology to save the family unit. Remember,at the end of the day God will judge this nation for this terrible tragedy....making people suffer needlessly for the sake of money. Move out of the way and let Dr. Carpenter do what she's been assigned to do!


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