Tell The FCC: Stand With The Public For Net Neutrality

Tell The FCC: Stand With The Public For Net Neutrality

    1. Alan Haggard
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      Alan Haggard

      San Diego, CA

Sometimes politicians need to be reminded whom they really work for. Now is one of those times.

Last week, several dozen members of Congress put the interests of AT&T ahead of yours and signed a letter to the FCC opposing the agency's efforts to protect Net Neutrality.

AT&T and these members of Congress were hoping we wouldn’t notice this deception. Well, we did. And now we’re sending our own message:

Tell the FCC: Stand with the Public for Net Neutrality

We’re gathering 10,000 signatures to push back against the members of Congress who buckled under telecom industry pressure. We need you to send the FCC an urgent message of support for Net Neutrality.

Sign this letter and then tell your friends and neighbors to do the same.

The big phone and cable companies have launched an all-out assault to stop Net Neutrality. They've hired hundreds of lobbyists, spent tens of millions of dollars, and unleashed sleazy Astroturf groups to mislead politicians, distort the facts and resurrect long-debunked myths.

They’re scrambling to stop the FCC from even beginning to discuss making Net Neutrality the rule of the road. It's vitally important that the FCC take up this action to protect Net Neutrality as planned.

Tell the FCC to Stand Firm on Net Neutrality

Some members of Congress aren’t listening to the people they represent. We must remind them whom they really work for. Let’s send them a strong message today, and guarantee an open Internet for generations to come.


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    • David Longton MILLBURN, NJ
      • almost 5 years ago

      I count my blessings to include my friends, my family, and that I have electronic access to the world via the Internet. “Net Neutrality” is the principle where computer users have complete control over what they are viewing and using on the Internet. Moreover, net neutrality means that everyone has equal access to the Global Internet. At present, these concepts and freedoms are often taken for granted, but they are strong and they exist.  Most individuals don’t realize that Internet freedoms we enjoy today are facing a serious threat.


      To me the internet should be as basic a freedom as the US Postal Service is. Sure you have to pay for a stamp, but you know your letter will get there and its content is protected. The Postal service has private competition  like Federal Express and UPS. The internet is like this except in place of FedX/UPS we have Verizon and TimeWarner. Imagine sending mail if Fed-X and UPS were the only options. That is the type of situation we are facing and the parallels are surely just as clear.


      Many major cable and telecommunications providers are poised to become the “toll collectors” and the “gatekeepers” of the information superhighway.  They are already flexing their muscles by metering bandwidth utilization and restricting users. They are preparing for the day when all “websites” will have to pay fees to be seen , thus destroying the “open “ nature of The Internet. They are claiming that the internet is not a “free lunch” and that someone (them) needs to control the costs of the support infrastructure and not allow certain companies and/or individuals to eat up unlimited bandwidth.


      I am optimistic that if we can bail out the banking industry for $80+ Billion dollars, then we can make an even bigger invenstment in the “digital economy” thus assuring that the telecommunications and  cable monopolies do not restrict our internet freedoms.

      I support Net Neutrality and  the implementation of legislation to regulate the corporations who provide access to the internet , without imposing upon the content or the users of the Internet itself.

    • Alan Haggard SAN DIEGO, CA
      • about 5 years ago

      Initiated this Pledge!


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