Tell the FCC: End Cell Phone Bill Shock
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Tell the FCC: End Cell Phone Bill Shock

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When you open your cell phone bill, or log on to manage your account, do you hold your breath for a moment? Did you blow your voice or text usage limit? Did the kids download something unexpectedly costly? Will this be another $400 bill?

According to a recent FCC study, an estimated 30 million Americans this year got hit by an unexpected, very high cell phone bill. Bill shock costs us all. We spend hours on the phone with customer service. We fork out hundreds in unexpected plan charges.

It doesn't have to be this way.

Cell phone customers in Europe get a quick call or text when they are getting close to their usage limits, and another one when they hit those limits. We need similar options here in U.S. -- it would give you back control of your family's cell phone service.

After such a notice, most of us would quickly change our calling behavior -- stop using the personal cell at work, temporarily take away a child's phone, use the land line more if we have one.

The FCC is asking for your thoughts on this idea. With your help, it could become the law here, and help us end this costly consumer headache. Take a moment right now to tell the FCC you support this common sense idea.

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