Stop Coal Pollution Over Yellowstone National Park
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Stop Coal Pollution Over Yellowstone National Park

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Dirty coal pollution is threatening the view at Yellowstone National Park.

Haze from nearby coal-fired power plants can make it hard to see Yellowstone's free roaming bison and grizzly bears, to watch Old Faithful blow its top, and to view the sunset over Yellowstone Falls.

The good news is we have the chance to clean up Yellowstone's air. Right now, the EPA is taking comments on a plan to cut nearby coal pollution but they need your support.

Yellowstone is as special to Americans as baseball and apple pie but coal executives are fighting the EPA's plan to protect the park. They’d rather tarnish its beauty with toxic emissions than put pollution controls on a coal-fired power plant in Montana. 

Let’s show Big Coal that we won't let them destroy one of our country's national treasures.

Yellowstone was America's first National Park – founded in 1872. We need to make sure it stays as pristine now, as it was then. Strong pollution standards will ensure our kids and grandkids experience the park the way it was intended -- clean, clear, and unspoiled.

Make sure the next generation can experience Old Faithful and Yellowstone Falls without looking through toxic air. Urge the EPA to protect Yellowstone National Park today.

Yellowstone National Park is as special to Americans as baseball and apple pie. That's why I support strong clean air regulations that will cut nearby coal pollution that affects Yellowstone National park.

I'm asking the EPA to please put strong clean air rules in place to protect Yellowstone from dirty coal pollution.


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    • Jayna Carter LEMON GROVE, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      The statistics are staggering and something HAS to be done about it! Look at this powerful video I found on Youtube:

    • Steven Tyler SPRINGFIELD, MO
      • over 2 years ago

      Rocks are rocks, pollution is pollution and people are people. Signed.


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