Tell the EPA: It's Time to Limit Greenhouse Gas Emissions
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Tell the EPA: It's Time to Limit Greenhouse Gas Emissions

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The Environmental Protection Agency has determined time and again that greenhouse gas emissions cause climate change, damange the environment and harm public health -- by increasing heat-related deaths, contributing to respiratory health problems and worsening allergies.

Right now, the EPA is considering a set of rules that will be used to limit greenhouse gas emissions from big fossil fuel industries once and for all.

This is a critical moment. Big polluters will be pressuring the EPA to slow down the rulemaking process and issue weak, watered-down rules. That's why the EPA needs to hear from you, too.

Take action today to tell the EPA that a strong limit on greenhouse gas emissions is an important step toward America’s clean energy future. These new rules will complement the EPA’s other greenhouse gas reduction efforts and will encourage investment in clean, renewable energy technologies. 

Check out our open letter to the EPA in the "Letter" tab above. We encourage you to include your own stories about why fighting climate change and protecting our health is important to you, your family and your community -- just click "Add Personal Message" when you sign.

We'll collect all your comments and deliver them to the EPA before the March 18 deadline.

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