Tell the DOJ: Big Food Consolidation Hurts Consumers
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Tell the DOJ: Big Food Consolidation Hurts Consumers

    1. Adriana Velez
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      Adriana Velez

      Brooklyn, NY

On December 8th, the USDA and the Department of Justice will hold a workshop in Washington, D.C. where the public will have the opportunity to voice their opinion about the consolidation of the food and agriculture industries.

You can make your voice heard even if you can't travel to Washington DC.

If you are concerned about a small group of corporations controlling the majority of our food system, this is the time to speak out. Big Food consolidation hurts small companies and family farms, but it also hurts consumers. With more consolidation we have fewer choices and are exposed to greater food safety risks. Healthy food has become more expensive, while junk food is the only affordable option for too many people.

Worse, with the revolving door between corporate lobbyists and industry regulators, there is too little accountability. Big Food calls the shots on everything from food safety regulations to labeling. Consumers are left in the dark.

This has to change. The Department of Justice needs to hear from us all about how we feel about consolidation in our food economy. Sign our petition asking the DOJ to break up some of these monopolies.

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