Tell the Connecticut Senate to Support Real Education Reform
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Tell the Connecticut Senate to Support Real Education Reform

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Connecticut’s public schools are in crisis. When one in five students doesn’t finish high school on time and when we have the widest achievement gap in the country on seven different measures, we should know it's time to change the status quo. We need to act now before any more students fall through the cracks.

Governor Malloy's education reform proposal is an important step toward solving these pressing issues. It will reform an unfair system and help students across the state get the resources they need. But opponents of reform are fighting hard to keep today’s failed policies in place. That’s why we need parents, students, teachers, and advocates across Connecticut to tell the Senate that we cannot wait any longer to pass real public education reform.

Please sign our petition and join ConnAd in the fight for real education reform in Connecticut!

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      • over 2 years ago

      now we have a whole generation of kids who are struggling and feel like failures because they did not finish high school. we are the failures not them,We owe them their education .

    • Rebecca Shen ROCKY HILL, CT
      • over 2 years ago

      A) I was told my child could not receive supports because no child left behind is not funded. Students with ADHD Need more the traditional plan. With out it the schools feel no legal need to do anything they promise. Thats what I get here in Rocky Hill. At my last meeting I was told my Son did not have a diagnosis of ADHD. This was after having the Center for ADHD Diagnose him and then have the school do additional testing.

      All Students with disabilities NEED IEP's to ensure there legal rights. Individual learning differences need to be met 100% to be successful.

      Also, I was alarmed that teacher's teaching in demographically unstable home life areas were being evaluated by there student's success. kinda hard to be successful if the home life is not there.

      It's time to look at some cold hard facts! Even the ones we don't want to talk about!

    • Cindy Bankoski HIGGANUM, CT
      • over 2 years ago

      It is most certain to me that legislators are almost more obligated to take a stand on behalf of all of our voiceless children, their Truest constituents, against the Goliath of our State Education system and their representative union who would be allowed a private audience alongside the table of the Education Committee to dismantle every item in a bill that we KNOW will improve our childrens' absolute right to have a high quality, highly invested teacher in EVERY classroom across this state. What gives a profession more of a right to be represented in our govenment than our children have? And if parents don't snap out of their complacency and their shame and won't stand up and demand more for our children, then who will? The time is now! Status Quo must go! No more excuses!


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