Tell the City of Los Angeles to Follow the County's Lead and Ban Plastic Bags!
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Tell the City of Los Angeles to Follow the County's Lead and Ban Plastic Bags!

    1. Jessica Belsky
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      Jessica Belsky

      Santa Monica, CA

Plastic grocery bags are used for mere minutes before being discarded. Californians alone use 19 billion plastic bags every, single year. The bags threaten marine animals, never biodegrade, and litter city streets. Fortunately, there is an easy and inexpensive solution to using the all-too-familiar plastic bag -- reusable bags. Recently, Los Angeles County passed a bag ban ordinance restricting single-use, plastic bags in unincorporated L.A. County areas. It's time for the City of Los Angeles to follow suit.

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    1. Battle of the Plastic Bag Bans Rages on in California Towns

      judith meskill
      Petition Organizer

      Update 1/31/10: We previously reported that the Save the Plastic Bag Coalition received funding from the American Chemistry Council. We have since learned that the Save the Plastic Bag Coalition is not connected with and doesn't receive funding...

    2. In 2011, Plastic Bags Are So Last Decade

      Jess Leber
      Petition Organizer

      Disposable plastic bags are so last decade. At least, that'll soon be the case if the bag ban movement keeps gaining ground.
      The West Coast, where plastic bags litter coastal waterways and create disposal headaches, is leading the charge. Momentum...

    3. Big Plastic Says: Reusable Shopping Bags Will Make You Sick!

      Sarah Parsons
      Petition Organizer

      Los Angeles County wants residents to remember to bring their reusable grocery bags. To that end, the County recently approved a ban on single-use plastic bags at grocery stores that will affect more than one million Angelenos, making it the largest...


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