Tell the Canadian government: Stop your tar sands wolf kills!
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Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper

Tell the Canadian government: Stop your tar sands wolf kills!

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It just gets worse and worse.

To make up for the fact that rapid tar sands oil mining is threatening caribou herds by destroying vast swaths of rainforest habitat in Alberta, the Canadian government has called for strychnine poisoning and aerial shooting of thousands of wolves in areas of tar sands mining.

Tell Prime Minister Harper: Stop Canada's planned wolf killings!

If Alberta Canada's tar sands oil fields are fully developed, an area of boreal rainforest the size of Florida will be eviscerated, leaving in its wake only giant ponds of toxic wastewater.

It's obvious why this would pose a massive threat to all wildlife species who reside there, including birds, caribou and the iconic spirit bear.

But instead of preserving the habitat caribou need for their survival, the Canadian government's answer is to blaze ahead with tar sands oil extraction, and kill thousands of wolves who would naturally prey on the caribou. The Ministry of the Environment's plan calls for aerial shooting, and poisoning with bait laced with strychnine -- a particularly painful type of poison.

Tell Prime Minister Harper: Stop your planned wolf killings! Preserve wolf and caribou habitat, and stop the irresponsible development of tar sands oil which threatens all of us.

This plan to kill wolves is a misguided, cruel response that does nothing to alleviate the greater problem: Tar sands development is a huge threat to wildlife, local communities, and all of our futures.

But despite the clear negative consequences, the Canadian government continues working to rapidly expand tar sands production and sales, including with the Keystone XL Pipeline to export tar sands oil all over the world.

Understandably, this has begun to earn Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and many in the country's government, a negative reputation, to which they are becoming increasingly sensitive.

The Ministry of the Environment has not yet moved forward with this planned wolf kill. And with enough public pressure, we can get them to abandon the plan, and build the case for Canada to stop their devastating race to expand tar sands oil fields.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper
Canada's plan to kill wolves in response to habitat devastation from tar sands oil mining is cruel and misguided. Abandon this plan, preserve crucial wildlife habitat, and stop the rapid expansion of tar sands mining that threatens us all.

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    • Larisa Zlobina OTTAWA, CANADA
      • over 1 year ago

      This is inhumane, cruel, and not necessary. If people regulate nature's balance in such ways, there soon will be no animals on Earth. Stop killing!!

    • Erika Nicholas NORTH BAY, CANADA
      • over 2 years ago

      Wolves are majestic, innocent animals who have done nothing wrong. Need I remind the government that many years have gone by without the extermination of wolves needed, and eventually nature would balance itself back out again. Wolves are not the culprits for the decline of caribou. The decline is based on greedy hunters who cannot take responsibility for their actions, and therefore, take it out on the wolves. It is a fact that more caribous die of disease, old age, and hunters than they do wolves. We need a change in government and ways of thinking.

    • Roberta Pucella LAVAL, CANADA
      • over 2 years ago

      Because man is part of Nature and not the master of all living creatures. Respecting life, any form of life, will allow humans to better respect themselves. And yes, I believe that as a specie we have to share the planet with other species even if it means that we have to find more difficult, more demanding and more expensive ways of doing things. Not everything can to be measured by profits and convenience only, not if the members of the human race want to still deserve the title of Homo Sapiens.

    • Cara Salerno MILTON, FL
      • over 2 years ago

      I'm sick of all the Killing of wild animals and thier habitats including all the polluting of our waters ways. Things NEED to CHANGE!

    • Jennifer Watson TORONTO, CANADA
      • over 2 years ago

      Dear PM Harper and Minister of the Environment Peter Kent:

      Take the muzzle off your own scientists and act on their best advice. The tar sands development is wrong from every angle - economic, climactic, political, environmental and human. It is hurting *every* single sentient being that falls in its path and has done what I believe is irreparable damage to Canada's position on the world stage. You are undermining our entire country's reputation and credibility with your bullheaded, ill-informed and arrogant pursuit of these projects. Do not let this be your -- our -- legacy.


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