Tell the Brooklyn Public Library to provide free and open access to information.
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Tell the Brooklyn Public Library to provide free and open access to information.

    1. Petition by

      Sally A. Friedman

      Flushing, NY


The American Library Association believes in "... the power of literature... " and drawing "attention to the danger that exists when restraints are imposed on the availability of information in a free society."

By requiring a book to be reviewed by a "professional journal" (for-profit publications such as "Publishers Weekly," "Booklist," "Library Journal" or "The New York Times") before a book is put in the library's circulating collection, the Brooklyn Public Library is practicing a form of censorship. For, the "professional journals" have overwhelming influence and power in our society. This stifles a diversity of book distribution among readers, because an author can get reviewed in those journals only through a big-name publisher (which is owned by those with overwhelming power and influence in our society) or possibly by illegal means, such as bribery. In other words, the Library does not even trust its own employees' judgment to decide whether a book should be put on its shelves. It decides through means of an elitist monopoly. It does not ask the public directly which books the public would prefer to borrow.

My book, "The Education and Deconstruction of Mr. Bloomberg, How the Mayor's Education and Real Estate Development Policies Affected New Yorkers 2002-2009 Inclusive" was rejected by the Library because it has yet to be reviewed by a "professional journal."

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