Tell Target and Best Buy To Stop Supporting Anti-Equality Candidate
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Tell Target and Best Buy To Stop Supporting Anti-Equality Candidate

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Target and Best Buy have donated over $250,000 to a political committee supporting a rabidly anti-equality candidate for Governor of Minnesota, where both are headquartered - a man with ties to a Christian rock band that advocates violence and death to gays.

The news is all the more shocking because both of these companies have long records of providing fair and equitable workplaces for their lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) employees.

We've drafted an open letter calling on Target and Best Buy to make it right by donating an equal amount to support fair-minded candidates who will fight for equality. 

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      One of my favorite puns of all time is about the poet who could only write after waking up from a deep sleep. Yes, they say he went from bed to verse ... *rimshot*
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