Tell and Stop Deceptive Anti-Choice Ads
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Tell and Stop Deceptive Anti-Choice Ads

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      NARAL Pro-Choice America

Anti-choice crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) will do whatever it takes to stop women from accessing abortion. Many CPCs harass, humiliate, and scare women.

Now, CPCs are using popular online search directories to mislead women about their services.

We need to stop CPCs from using popular sites like and to advertise abortion services that they clearly don't provide.

Join us, and help protect women from accidentally going to a CPC staffed by anti-choice volunteers. Add your name to our letter below.

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    1. Stop False Anti-Choice Ads on and

      What’s wrong with this picture?:

      This is an ad for a “crisis pregnancy center” (CPC). This CPC, like most CPCs, does not provide abortion care, and yet it’s listed under “abortion services” in and Yes,...


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