Tell State and Local Agencies to Work Together to Expand the Motor Parkway Greenway Eastward
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Mayor of New York City
Bill de Blasio
New York-014
State Sen. Malcolm Smith
New York-016
State Sen. Toby Stavisky
New York-006
State Sen. Kemp Hannon
New York-005
State Sen. Carl Marcellino
New York-009
State Rep. Joseph Saladino
New York-019
State Rep. Edward Ra
New York-010
State Rep. Chad Lupinacci
New York-017
State Rep. Thomas McKevitt
New York-020
State Rep. Harvey Weisenberg
New York-025
State Rep. Nily Rozic
New York-016
State Rep. Michelle Schimel
New York-009
State Sen. Dean Skelos
New York-018
State Rep. Earlene Hooper
New York-065
State Rep. Sheldon Silver
New York-022
State Rep. Michaelle Solages
New York-024
State Rep. David Weprin
New York-015
State Rep. Michael Montesano
New York-026
State Rep. Edward Braunstein
New York-011
State Sen. Tony Avella
New York-014
State Rep. David McDonough
New York-021
State Rep. Brian Curran
New York-007
State Sen. Jack Martins
New York
Gov. Andrew Cuomo

Tell State and Local Agencies to Work Together to Expand the Motor Parkway Greenway Eastward

    1. Joby Jacob
    2. Petition by

      Joby Jacob

      Hollis Hills, NY

The Motor Parkway ends abruptly at Winchester Blvd, and it is impossible for my kids, neighbors, and seniors to get to the greenway / bike path / running path easily without a car. You can easily get state agencies (OMH, DOT) to work with NYC agencies (Parks, DOT) to allow the Motor Parkway to reach east (as proposed on

Bill de Blasio, Mayor of New York City
State Sen. Malcolm Smith, New York-014
State Sen. Toby Stavisky, New York-016
State Sen. Kemp Hannon, New York-006
State Sen. Carl Marcellino, New York-005
State Rep. Joseph Saladino, New York-009
State Rep. Edward Ra, New York-019
State Rep. Chad Lupinacci, New York-010
State Rep. Thomas McKevitt, New York-017
State Rep. Harvey Weisenberg, New York-020
State Rep. Nily Rozic, New York-025
State Rep. Michelle Schimel, New York-016
State Sen. Dean Skelos, New York-009
State Rep. Earlene Hooper, New York-018
State Rep. Sheldon Silver, New York-065
State Rep. Michaelle Solages, New York-022
State Rep. David Weprin, New York-024
State Rep. Michael Montesano, New York-015
State Rep. Edward Braunstein, New York-026
State Sen. Tony Avella, New York-011
State Rep. David McDonough, New York-014
State Rep. Brian Curran, New York-021
State Sen. Jack Martins, New York-007
Gov. Andrew Cuomo, New York
Tell State (OMH, DOT) and Local Agencies (NYC Parks, NYC DOT) to work together to expand the Motor Parkway eastward towards Glen Oaks. A very detailed plan on how to make it happen is given on - this plan involves just the state and city cooperating, no eminent domain would be needed.

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    1. Update & Invitation for August Walk / Ride

      Joby Jacob
      Petition Organizer


      We just wanted to take a minute to thank you for signing the petition, give you an update, and to invite you to a walk/bike ride on August 10th.

      There are bills in both the NYS Senate and Assembly asking the NYS DoT to study the feasibility of the Motor Parkway East proposal! The bills got stuck in committee this legislative session but we are hoping to get legislation to the governors desk soon.

      We have continued to meet with agencies and elected officials about the proposal. You can find out more about this here -

      Lastly, we wanted to invite you our Walk/Ride Motor Parkway East event we are organizing on Sunday, August 10th. We will meet up and explore the route of the proposed Motor Parkway East and meet fellow walkers runners and cyclists who want the same. If you’d like to attend the walk click to and if you’d like to attend the bike ride click to It’s important that as many of us attend as possible so we can make sure local officials know this is something people in the community really want.

      We hope you all have a great summer and hope to see you on the 10th.

      Thanks for your support,
      - Angus, Jana, John, and Joby
      Motor Parkway East

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    • Claudia Duran BAYSIDE, NY
      • 1 day ago

      Because is a contribution to the environment, as well as the health of the citizens. It can contribute commuting in a easy way throughout Queens (by bike) and help to reduce the CO2 emissions produced by cars.

    • Lloyd Abrams FREEPORT, NY
      • 4 days ago

      There is a great need for off-road bicycle and pedestrian greenways.

    • Stuart Desser NEW YORK, NY
      • 13 days ago

      I ride with some frequency from Manhattan to Long Island. Biking through Queens, in particular, can be quite tedious, unpleasant, and unsafe. Further, much of the shoulder of the westbound LIE in Nassau has been converted to a motor vehicle lane, destroying what had been the one safe and efficient westbound passage through western Nassau. The LIE service road in eastern Nassau is also far less than safe and ideal. With more and more cyclists riding and commuting, and with public policy favoring bicycling, and with absolutely no good routes through Queens and Nassau, restoring this right of way for bicycling would make a huge difference, and could be wildly popular. It might also be favorable for business, since currently the bulk of non-commuting cyclists who ride out of Manhattan go west because of the easier access to good roads.

    • Charles McCorkell NEW YORK, NY
      • 13 days ago

      Global issues like Climate Change and local ones local childhood obesity

    • Richard Magagna FLUSHING, NY
      • 27 days ago

      my kids and I love bike riding


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