Tell St. John's: Students Are Not Servants
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Tell St. John's: Students Are Not Servants

    1. Carol Scott
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      Carol Scott

      San Francisco, CA

It's bad enough that former St. John's University dean and vice president Cecilia Chang was accused of embezzling about $1 million from the school. She's also been charged with forcing students to do manual labor in exchange for scholarship money.

As former dean of the Institute of Asian Studies at St. John's, Chang has been accused of forcing scholarship recipients, many of them international students, to run personal errands for her, take out her garbage and shovel snow. If they didn't carry out these menial tasks, the charges read, she threatened to pull their scholarships. Chang was at St. John's for three decades.

St. John's students need more protection from administrators gone wild. It's clear that the school's in-house Compliance Officer is not sufficient. Tell St. John's to ensure that a third-party, impartial arbitrator is installed for students to consult in the case of harassment and abuses of power.

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