Tell Sodexo to Respect Its Workers
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Tell Sodexo to Respect Its Workers

    1. Taylor Leake
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      Taylor Leake

      Philadelphia, PA

Sodexo is one of the largest food service and facility management companies in the world, making billions every year. But they pay many of their workers just 25 cents over minimum wage and often prevent workers from forming a union. That is why thousands of Sodexo workers have decided to go on strike.

Help support them by sending a letter to Sodexo executives telling them to respect their workers by providing a decent wage and benefits and allowing their workers to organize a union if they choose to.

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    2. Shout from the Roof Tops: Sodexo Can't Silence Workers Anymore

      Weldon Kennedy
      Managing Director, Europe

      What kind of company forbids its workers from making any statement to the media about their experiences and working conditions on the job? One that doesn't treat its workers very well and is ashamed of its actions. Sodexo is one of those companies,...

    3. Weldon Kennedy
      Managing Director, Europe

      Statement of Service Employees International Union on Bogus Lawsuit Filed by Sodexo

    4. Weldon Kennedy
      Managing Director, Europe

      In increasingly agressive tactics, Sodexo is now suing the SEIU

    5. Reached 500 signatures
    6. Weldon Kennedy
      Managing Director, Europe

      Sodexo is a great company to work for....if you're a high paid executive

    7. Weldon Kennedy
      Managing Director, Europe

      OSU students protesting Ohio union-busting bill are also working to allow Sodexo employees to unionize on their campus

    8. Weldon Kennedy
      Managing Director, Europe

      looking back to earlier this year: how Sodexo's bad labor policies lost them a contract with the US Marines

    9. Weldon Kennedy
      Managing Director, Europe

      Sodexo seeks to improve food quality in response to complaints, but what about the workers?

    10. Weldon Kennedy
      Managing Director, Europe

      Another success: "Sodexo has agreed to settle a case before the National Labor Relations Board concerning its media policy for workers. As a result, Sodexo has issued a new media policy that does not infringe upon the right of workers to speak about their working conditions and workplace issues. "

    11. Weldon Kennedy
      Managing Director, Europe

      Taylor Leake highlights a success along the path of this campaign as a Highland Park school board ended its contract with Sodexo

    12. Success! School Drops Sodexo Over Labor Issues

      Benjamin Joffe-Walt
      Vice President and Chief of Staff

      When workers at hospitals, schools and stadiums across the country went on strike against Sodexo back in October, the janitors and maintenance workers at Highland Park schools in New Jersey joined them.
      The strike was to protest Sodexo's poverty...

    13. On The Job at Sodexo: Two Heart Attacks, No Insurance

      Benjamin Joffe-Walt
      Vice President and Chief of Staff

      Sandy Dailey works at Ohio State University's Stadium preparing food and cleaning up after games. She has been employed by food service giant Sodexo for 11 years. She has had two heart attacks on the job, but doesn't have health insurance.
      Its not...

    14. Reached 250 signatures
    15. More Go On Strike Against Sodexo

      Benjamin Joffe-Walt
      Vice President and Chief of Staff

      The latest battleground in the longrunning strike versus food service giant Sodexo is the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (PCOM).
      Workers there recently went on strike and were joined by students, community activists, and union members....

    16. Sodexo Silences Workers Around the World

      Amanda Kloer
      Campaign Director

      Sodexo might not be a household name, but this massive France-based food service company employs hundreds of thousands of people in 80 countries. You have probably eaten food provided by Sodexo at a local university or hospital many times. While this...

    17. Danny Glover, Sodexo, and Workers Rights

      Benjamin Joffe-Walt
      Vice President and Chief of Staff

      What does famed actor Danny Glover have in common with multinational food service giant Sodexo?
      Well for one, Glover was arrested outside Sodexo's US headquarters during a labor protest last year. The other connection? Glover is the chairman of...

    18. A David vs. Goliath Strike at Sodexo

      Josie Raymond
      Petition Organizer

      Talk about a David versus Goliath fight. Thousands of low wage workers are getting ready to go on strike against Sodexo — one of the world's largest food service and facility management companies with roughly 380,000 employees working in 80...


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    • Max Waller PACOIMA, CA
      • about 3 years ago

      Thank you for your time.


      Max Rafael Waller

      11261 Sproule Avenue

      Pacoima California 91331-1551

      Telephone: 1-818-890-2048

    • Sarah Nelson ALLOWAY, NJ
      • about 3 years ago

      You greedy pigs at the top are going to respect your workers AND LIKE IT!

      Solidarity all the way for sodexo's workers.

    • Claudia Garcia NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA
      • about 3 years ago

      My mother has been working for Sodexo for over 5 years. My family and I have personally witnessed the abuse from Sodexo towards their employees.

      Their employees are treated inhumanely and are afraid of speaking up. They take advantage of the fact that their employees need their jobs and cannot afford to lose it. I'm appaled to see that a company can treat its employees so unfairly and get away with it. I want this company to be fair and treat their employees like human beings.

      Change needs to happen NOW.

      It's long overdue and it's the least that these hardworking people deserve.

    • Lily Smith Mullen HIGHLAND PARK, NJ
      • about 3 years ago

      this happened at my school,and i am very dissappointed in them

    • Robert Adams COLUMBUS, OH
      • over 3 years ago

      The hard work provided by full time employees should be considered when the condition of the economy is poor and still the rates and cost of daily living is unjust and still rising. Provided that the work we do for you is feeding YOUR family, where is the help to feed OURS...?!?!!!


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