Tell Senator Grothman: Stop Insulting Wisconsin Protesters
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Tell Senator Grothman: Stop Insulting Wisconsin Protesters

    1. Jenni Siri
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      Jenni Siri

      Ligonier, IN

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Tell Sen. Glenn Grothman how you feel about him calling the protesters slobs. He said on television that he gets a lot of phone calls praising him. Well, I think he should find out how the rest of us nationwide feel about his condescending rudeness.

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The Last Word Blog: Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker said his so-called budget repair bill must be passed by today or layoffs would begin. Lawrence spoke with two Wisconsin state lawmakers, Democratic Rep. Cory Mason and Republican State Sen. Glenn Grothman, about the on-going standoff in Madison and the GOP's push to stop protests inside the State Capitol building. Source

The Last Word Blog: "Sen. Grothman said they are trying to shut people out because the place is "becoming a pigsty." He also called protesters staying overnight in the Wisconsin Capitol "slobs." When pressed to clarify he remarks, he insisted all those people were just a bunch of "college students having a fun party." Source

                                                                                  SEE VIDEO

Please feel free to express your own sentiments in regards to Senator Grothman. When you sign the petition you will have the opportunity to add your own personal note so that you can tell him exactly how you feeI. As I understand it, most people are outraged over his rudeness, his arrogance, his pretentiousness, and his disprect for working class public servants, who only want a voice. These are teachers, firemen, policemen, nurses, and others who serve their communities and deserve his respect, not his insults.

I like using Change.Org because everytime someone signs the petition the email goes right out to the receipient. Just imagine how many emails he will get! He said that he recieves a lot of phone calls of support, well now he will receive a lot of emails and disgust.

Thanks in advance for signing and sharing!

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    • Gloria Monroe GRANTS PASS, OR
      • over 3 years ago


      You're nothing but a typical GOP bullying pig!

    • Andrew Heugel BREWSTER, NY
      • over 3 years ago

      Please try to make it out to one of the MoveOn protests this Tuesday evening is support of the Wisconsin workers. Please go to for more information.

    • Judy Brownrigg LODI, WI
      • over 3 years ago

      I find this Senator as well as all of the republican senators to be arrogant, selfish, self-absorbed and totally indifferent to the wishes of the citizens of my state. Furthermore, don't get too comfortable in your senate seats because we're coming to get you. I had really thought you had learned a lesson on how to govern but you did not, did you. But what can we expect when you and your party are owned lock, stock and barrell by the likes of corporate America ande the slimy Koch Brothers who keep you afloat.....for now.

    • Kelly Arellanes BRYANT, AR
      • over 3 years ago

      I have been a host of a Solidarity Rally in Little Rock Arkansas, Feb. 26, 2011. Just one of the Rallies that took place in our beautiful country that day. I had 300+ people that stepped forward with only a TWO day notice. They came from all over our state to participate in the pushing forward of POSITIVE PROGRESS REFORMS. Now let me give you FACTS.

      The unionzation of labor and employees started in the early 1900's when Child Labor Law were passed and STOPPED the FORCED working of CHILDREN as young as FIVE to work at consturtion sights, steel mills, sewing factories, sewer construction, etc. The fight continued until 1959 when it was passed into FEDERAL LAW the 40 hour work week, lunch break, minimum wages, minimum age to hold a job. COPORATIONS like to take credit for these positive worker conditions, but it was the hard work of Union Organizations and Porgressive Minded Politicans. Let me give you some background on PROGRESSIVE MOVEMENT. The origins of the Progressive Thinking began in 1901! It was the efforts to meet the changes posed by industrailization. The increased productivity of workers in factories meant improvements in the overall standard of living. But also bread, new social and economic problems. Two Presidents, Roosevelt and Wilson, made the first advances to deal with these problems under idea of REFORM known as PROGRESSIVISM!

      Progressivism was then as it is today, an effort to rebuild the "Promise of American Life" or "The American Dream". Then, as today, hugh corporations were capable of interfering with many AMERICAN CITIZENS WORKERS RIGHTS and SAFETY. Much of the Middle Class felt that their interests werebeing threatened by these UNCONTROLED CORPORATE and INDUSTRIAL GIANTS. Then as today, Workers objected to business control of politics. The Middle Class feared Excessive Coporate Power would destroy their opportunity to rise in the social and work place through personal merit. Workers SUPPORT of the PROGRESSIVE REFORMS was considerable. The Movement then, as well as Today, is a MIDDLE CLASS FIGHT to RESTORE EQUALITY, OPPORTUNITY, and FAIR WAGES AND BENEFITS. In WISCONSIN the Govenor of the state Robert M. La Follette brought Progressive Reforms to the state level. He other govenors saw the need to PROTECT the WORKERS and the MIDDLE CLASS since they ARE the BACKBONE of our COUNTRY. To harm or negatively affect the working class in our country will ultimately cause socail and economic destruction of our country and way of life. The PROTECTION starts with the the EDUCATION of the Children with TRUE FACTS of HISTORY from A to Z. All of you Republicans are wanting to stop as much education as you possibly can. WHY? All REPUBLCANS want as few as possible of CHILDREN TRULLY and FACTULLY EDUCATED.

    • Robert Haack CEDAR GROVE, WI
      • over 3 years ago

      The Koch Brothers bought the election for you and the bed wetting Scott Walker and friends. Now back off the unions. My father had to work 12 hr days and 10 hr nights with no vacation or health care before the unions. Now you want us to go back 60 years! I was a director of a major company and know how big business thinks. TAX the Rich.Stop taking tax paid health care and quit being ahipocrite.


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