Tell SCSU: Stop Professor Chevan From Sexually Harassing More Students
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Tell SCSU: Stop Professor Chevan From Sexually Harassing More Students

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Southern Connecticut State University (SCSU) has an obligation to keep its students safe from professors who sexually harass, so why are they keeping Professor David Chevan on staff?

In 2011, SCSU found one of its music professors, David Chevan, in violation of its sexual harassment policy for verbally and physically sexually harassing a former student, Wendy Wyler. Watch news coverage here: But SCSU has not taken meaningful disciplinary action. This is alarming considering Professor Chevan propositioned Wendy in a storage room, not allowing her to leave: 

“There wasn’t a single window, and when he shut the door behind him, everything about him changed. I wondered if anyone would hear me if I screamed. I repeatedly told him no.”

Wendy was afraid for her safety because of the persistent sexual harassment of Professor Chevan. Not only that, but several other young women have since come forward to report similar behavior. So why is SCSU letting him teach again this Fall?

Tell SCSU to stop Professor Chevan from sexually harassing more students. Sign this petition today to have him removed for violating the school’s sexual harassment policy and to protect future students from sexual harassment and the risk of sexual violence!

Read more about this case, here:

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    1. SCSU Students Demand Professor Accused Of Sexual Harassment Be Removed From

      Professor Accused Of Sexual Harassment Remains On Campus After 1-Week Punishment

      Southern Connecticut State University students demanded at a rally last week that the school remove a professor accused of sexual harassment from the campus in New Haven. Wendy Wyler, a 2012 graduate of SCSU, claimed in a lawsuit that music professor David Chevan called her "sexy" and attempted to have sex with her in a windowless storage room while blocking her only exit.

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    3. SCSU student says professor sexually harassed her

      SCSU student says professor sexually harassed her

      NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) - Southern Connecticut State University is facing a lawsuit, after one student says the school failed to fire a professor who was sexually harassing her. SCSU senior Wendy Wyler says it started with the professor calling her "sexy" and escalated from there.


    Reasons for signing

    • Christine Johnson PLYMOUTH, CT
      • 2 months ago

      I am a victim of sexual harassement at Naugatuck Valley Community College, a TItle IX investigation was conducted and the college took no action against the professor.

    • Tamia Lewis NEW HAVEN, CT
      • 5 months ago

      Southern has many lawsuits against them and has not hired adequate administration to deal with sexual harassment, discrimination, and other very serious issues. I am very fearful that Southern will be one of the next schools in the news as it is an unsafe haven for students, faculty, and staff. This school simply does not deal with issues and that is very frightening.

    • Christopher Mejias NEW HAVEN, CT
      • 6 months ago

      I personally know one of the students harassed by this professor. It's ludicrous that he is protected and employed by the University. Action must be taken.

    • Simone Champagnie DERBY, CT
      • 7 months ago

      I go to southern and my sister wants to attend southern. The school has a responsibility to protect its students from known harms.

    • Frances LaFrance-Proscino WALLINGFORD, CT
      • 8 months ago

      This is SOOOO wrong. Students should be able to trust their professors not FEAR them!


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