Tell Scholastic: Stop the In-School SunnyD Sugar Spree
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Tell Scholastic: Stop the In-School SunnyD Sugar Spree

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      Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood

Once again, Scholastic is abusing its privileged position in schools to market a product that undermines children's well-being. This time, the company has partnered with SunnyD to market beverages of poor nutritional quality in preschool and elementary schools around the country.  The SunnyD Book Spree encourages teachers to urge their students to drink SunnyD in order to collect labels, and even to throw SunnyD parties in their classrooms -- all in exchange for 20 free Scholastic books. 

Sweetened by both high-fructose corn syrup and artificial sweeners, an 8-ounce serving of SunnyD contains a staggering 20 grams of sugar.  It's shameful that, in the midst of a childhood obesity epidemic, Scholastic is exploiting its unique access to children and selling them on SunnyD.

Please tell Scholastic CEO Richard Robinson to end his company's partnership with SunnyD.


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    2. Scholastic Gives Kids Free Books for Drinking Sugar-Filled Beverages

      There are lots of reasons for schools to reward students with shiny, new books — good behavior, A+ papers, and strong attendance records, just to name a few. But offering up fresh reads because kids downed a bunch of sugar-y beverages? That's not...


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    • Lana Touchstone VALLEJO, CA
      • over 3 years ago

      I remember Scholastic books from my school days in the 50's. But I wasn't encouraged to drink sugar-laden drinks by Scholastic.


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