Tell San Diego City Council That Sleeping is Not a Crime
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Tell San Diego City Council That Sleeping is Not a Crime

    1. Jennifer Cooper
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      Jennifer Cooper

      Washington, DC

Despite a known lack of shelter space, San Diego may soon resume ticketing those sleeping on the city's streets.

Under the terms of a legal settlement in 2007, the city was ordered by a federal judge to halt issuing illegal lodging citations to people sleeping on city streets at night. However, as a condition of the unanimous decision by the City Council to move forward with a $31 million service and housing center for 225 people, ticketing may soon be a reality. Last winter it was estimated that there were more than 4,500 homeless people living in San Diego.

Tell San Diego's City Council to focus on getting the new shelter built as quickly and smoothly as possible instead of issuing tickets to those left with little choice but to sleep on the streets.

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