Tell Republicans to Stop Targeting Asian-American Nominees
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Tell Republicans to Stop Targeting Asian-American Nominees

    1. Chris Santiago
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      Chris Santiago

      Pasadena, CA

Republican senators have banded together to kill the nominations of Goodwin Liu and Eric M. Chen, two highly qualified Asian-American candidates for the federal bench.

Liu, a professor of law at the University of California, Berkeley, and Chen, a federal magistrate in San Francisco, have both cleared the Senate Judiciary Committee. But by sending their names back to the White House, the GOP hopes to effectively kill their nominations.

By playing politics, these senators are perpetuating the historical underrepresentation of Asian-Americans in the judicial system: Only five Asian Pacific Americans have ever served as federal appellate court judges. This includes the Ninth Circuit, which has jurisdiction over states with large Asian populations such as California, Hawaii, Oregon and Washington. And out of approximately 875 federal judgeships, only 10 are currently filled by Asian-Americans.

Please email your senator today to demand that they stand up for these two highly qualified Asian-American nominees. Because 60 votes will be needed for cloture, every vote matters.

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