Tell Primate Products to End Their Vivisection Primate Trade
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Tell Primate Products to End Their Vivisection Primate Trade

    1. Carin Zellerman
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      Carin Zellerman

      Stockholm, Sweden

Primate Products, Inc. makes a profit breeding and transporting animals to vivisection facilities across the country. They also import monkeys from China, Vietnam, Mauritius and elsewhere for use in research and testing. They sell both the tools of oppression and live monkeys to universities, the U.S. military and to notorious companies like Huntingdon Life Sciences.

The pictures on their homepage ( depict baby-faced Rhesus monkeys living in the wild, with families and an abundance of enrichments. These images do not reveal the true story behind this exploitative business.

Recently, shocking photos from within Primate Products, taken by the Animal Liberation Investigation Unit, have exposed the suffering of primates. These photos depict lifeless monkeys, many bloodied with their skulls exposed.

[Warning: images are disturbing!]

The suffering of primates begins well before they enter the labs. The trade in primates causes animal misery on a massive scale.

Please ask Primate Products to end their primate trade !

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